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Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on April 9, 2014

Have you been following our #FiveDaysInParadise in Nassau Paradise Island? We’ve only been here a short time, and already covered lots of ground. We’ve seen the Graycliff Cigar factory, shopped around at the Straw Market, and spent an afternoon at the beach. And so much more!

Here are some of our favorite shots so far…

This is your view from the plane flying in Nassau Paradise Island. Look at that beautiful and warm water! We can’t wait to dip our feet in it.
Nassau Paradise Island Instagram plane ride

The Straw Market is a great place to spend a morning. We spent some time looking around at all the unique gifts, including jewelry, hand carved wooden keepsakes, and signature handmade straw purses and bags. You never know what treasures you’ll find here. There’s a little something for everyone!
Nassau Paradise Island Straw Market

Since we were already downtown at the Straw Market, we decided to stop in and see the Pirates of Nassau Museum and gift shop. When we stepped into the dungeon-like building and there was a friendly pirate waiting to welcome us! This is a fun adventure and interactive tour for both kids and adults.
Pirates of Nassau Museum Nassau Paradise Island Instagram

It wouldn’t be a proper visit to Nassau without a historical stop, so we made our way over at the Queen’s Staircase. This beautiful and ancient site features a long, limestone staircase engulfed in a tropical setting. When you walk down to the bottom of the stairs you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. If you’re a history lover, this is a must-see, along with all the Nassau Paradise Island Forts.
Queen's Staircase Nassau Paradise Island Instagram

After all that shopping and our fun history lesson, we headed over to the Graycliff Cigar Factory to see how cigars are made. This exclusive tour also takes you through the Graycliff property, where you get to see their incredible wine cellar, featuring a million dollar rack of aged wines, the private dining room where famous celebrities dine when they come to Nassau, and their boutique chocolate factory.

Once the tour was finished we sat down for a quiet, delicious four-course wine lunch.
Graycliff Cigar Factory Nassau Paradise Island Instagram

And what’s the perfect way to end your busy afternoon and catch some R&R before dinner? Beach time! These are shots from the Atlantis, Paradise Island beach. Wish you were here!
Atlantis, Paradise Island Beach Instagram
Atlantis, Paradise Island Beach Instagram

After relaxing on the beach and taking a little beach nap, along with a warm swim, we got ready and headed for dinner at Luciano’s of Chicago Italian restaurant. Luciano’s offers you a delightful selection of fine Italian dining. Ask for a table outside by the water or sit inside—it’s all up to you!

Quick fact: Did you know Luciano’s flies their gourmet Italian bread all the way from Chicago to Nassau just for you.
Luciano's of Chicago, Nassau Paradise Island Intsgram

Wow! We can’t believe how much we’ve done in two days, and there’s so much more to come. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram for live updates of where we are and what we’re doing. And don’t forget to join in the conversation of #FiveDaysInParadise on Facebook and Twitter.

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