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It’s Better in The Bahamas: Aaron’s Family Memories

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on June 25, 2016

Family memories on the beach in Nassau Paradise Island Bahamas.For an unforgettable family vacation, in a truly unforgettable destination, look no further than Nassau Paradise Island. With its sunny skies and gorgeous beaches, you can’t help but create family memories that will last a lifetime. Aaron visited the Bahamas with his family in 1994 during his junior year of high school and, over 20 years later, continues to hold a special place for this “joyous, wonderful place of serenity!”

While staying at Comfort Suites Paradise Island, Aaron and his family had perfect proximity to the beautiful beaches of Nassau Paradise Island. With miles upon miles of shoreline, Aaron had a “splendid” time splashing in the turquoise waters and soaking up the Bahamian sun.

After enjoying family fun on the beach, Aaron’s family would treat themselves to one of the Island’s delicious and unique dining experiences. Indulging in food full of fresh ingredients and a variety of flavors, Aaron described his dining experience as “top notch!”

During his Bahamas vacation, Aaron recorded his experiences in a travel journal – a perfect way to preserve vacation memories! “I had an amazing time in Nassau–unforgettable, powerful, unique and tranquil. What a rare mix!” Aaron recalls. “How I miss it!”

When you’re planning your next family vacation, make it a Nassau Paradise Island getaway! Check out our current travel deals and get ready for non-stop family fun that you won’t soon forget. And if you have a memorable vacation in Nassau Paradise Island, tell us about it! Your story could be featured in one of our upcoming blog posts.

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