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It’s Better in the Bahamas – Jeanie’s Relaxing Family Fun

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on July 30, 2016

A mother-daughter stroll on a beautiful Bahamas beach.

Jeanie was having such a good time on her vacation in Nassau Paradise Island, that she couldn’t even wait until her trip was over to tell us about it! She submitted her Bahamas Experience entry during her family vacation, and we’re thrilled to hear her stay was so enjoyable.

Nassau Paradise Island is the perfect place for a memorable family vacation. There are so many activities that the whole family will delight in, from swimming with dolphins, to making chocolate, to experiencing life as a pirate. For Jeanie, one of the joys of a family trip to The Bahamas is relaxing and enjoying each other’s company – and the beautiful surroundings. “My favorite part of this vacation was walking on the beach with my daughter,” she says.

The beaches of The Bahamas really are second to none, and Jeanie described them beautifully, saying, “The silky sand between my toes and the spectacular colors of the ocean offset by the blue sky and occasional white clouds took our breaths away.”

Jeanie and her daughter enjoyed the beaches of Nassau Paradise Island both on and off the shore, taking advantage of the many boating options available. “Kayaks [and] glass bottom boats were a ton of fun!”, she says. A boat trip is an outstanding way to explore the islands of The Bahamas, experience our warm, clear waters, and even get up close to some of the unique wildlife inhabiting our shores.

We think Jeanie says it best: “This is a place to relax, eat great food, meet friendly people, dance, laugh, and have the time of your life!”

Ready to start planning the family vacation of your life? Check out our travel deals and some of our family travel tips. Do you have a favorite memory from a trip with your children to Nassau Paradise Island? Share your Bahamas Experience with us, and you could be featured in next week’s blog post!


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