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It’s Better in The Bahamas: What Our Guests Are Saying

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on November 7, 2015

Snorkeling in Rose Island, BahamasWe’ve been enjoying reading your stories about your experiences in Nassau Paradise Island! Every week, we publish a different visitor story on our blog, so if you’ve had a great experience in The Bahamas, please share it with us for your chance to be featured! It’s interesting see what others love about their time in Paradise. Here are some of the trends we’ve noticed over the past several weeks of stories we’ve collected.

You love snorkeling and scuba diving! Not surprising, since The Bahamas is surrounded by warm, crystal-clear turquoise waters that are perfect for snorkeling and diving. As Jen puts it, “It’s a great way to experience The Bahamas and see things you wouldn’t see in your day to day life.” Lee says, “The water is so beautiful and it’s such a relaxing activity. If you are comfortable in the water I highly recommend it!” Niki says diving with reef sharks was her favorite experience from her Bahamas vacation.

You are big fans of Bahamian cuisine! Isabelle loved her gourmet breakfast at Dune at One&Only Ocean Club, and Charlotte raved about the Tru Bahamian Food Tour, claiming The Bahamas has the best food of any of the Island countries she’s visited.

You spend a lot of time on the beach. Richard and his family and friends spent days “jumping waves, throwing a football, building sandcastles…” Connie says Nassau Paradise Island has the “best beach” of any of the Caribbean destinations she’s visited in the past.

You enjoy day trip excursions. Kristie had a hard time choosing which excursion she loved best: Powerboat Adventures, Dolphin Encounters, or Stuart Cove’s. Athena says Powerboat Adventures was her favorite experience from her birthday vacation in Nassau Paradise Island.

You’re daredevils at Atlantis! Kristie and her family loved the river rapids at Aquaventure. Isabelle crossed an adventure off her bucket list when she plunged down the thrilling Leap of Faith slide.

Thanks to everyone who shared their Nassau Paradise Island story with us! Don’t forget to tell us about your experience in The Bahamas. If you’ve never visited yet, now’s the perfect time to book a getaway in Paradise. Check out our current travel deals and start planning!

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