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The Marley Resort & Spa in Nassau Paradise Island

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on July 23, 2010

Marley Resort & Spa - Nassau Paradise IslandIf you listen carefully while walking along the beautiful Cable Beach in Nassau, you can hear the brilliant and evocative music of Bob Marley, carried over by the warm Bahamian breeze. The music hails from a secluded two-story boutique hotel, aptly named The Marley Resort & Spa. Surrounded by tropical gardens of hibiscus and banana plants, the resort welcomes guests who look to sink deep into the story and the music of Bob Marley. Since opening its doors, the former private vacation home of the Marley family has received countless positive reviews from past guests and well-established travel websites. Considering the man behind the resort, it’s easy to understand why.

Bob Marley was born February 9, 1945 but his musical and very influential journey began when he found his voice and joined with friends to form The Wailing Wailers. His legacy however, began when original “Rude Boy” anthems were replaced with a strong commitment to social and spiritual issues. Driven by Rastafarian beliefs, his music overflowed with power and resonance. His apocalyptic truths proved inspirational and life-changing. Long after his passing, his songs still remain timeless and universal. From words of political repression, gangland warfare to Jamaican culture, Bob Marley’s lyrics made a significant impact on the music industry and more so the lives of his audience.

The Marley Resort & Spa presents multiple opportunities to experience the history of Bob Marley and his family. Each of the resort’s 16 guest rooms and suites are named after one of Marley’s famous songs. For example, the Sun is Shining is a Garden Suite decorated in energetic hues of sunshine yellows and hazy oranges and One Love offers couples a most charismatic suite in which to celebrate their honeymoon, including a whirlpool tub for two. The Music Gallery, just off the hotel lobby, features an exceptional collection of rare photos, interviews and gold awards. An afternoon in the Natural Mystic Spa reveals the remedies and traditional secrets of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.. The Simmer Down Restaurant serves gourmet Caribbean cuisine and some of Bob’s favorites. When your Marley Resort & Spa vacation draws to an end, drop by the boutique and bring a piece of Marley history back home with you.

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