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Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on December 21, 2011

new-site11Our first blog started with, “The wonderful thing about planning a vacation to Nassau Paradise Island is that we don’t have to work hard in convincing you to do so.” We’d like to retract that original statement since we’ve been working hard for the past few months to deliver an online experience that’s beyond anything we’ve ever created. In redesigning our site, we’ve made sure to make it as exciting as a vacation in Nassau Paradise Island. Take a few moments and check out some of our top online features and improvements. The rest is up to you to discover.

Large map indicating flight routes Getting to Paradise.
We’re showing you how easy it is to get to our beach playground from many major cities in the United States. Be careful, you might find yourself watching various lines going from point A to point B and making airplane noises while planning your beach dream vacation.
Interactive map with vacation spots and attractions Mapping your daily plans in paradise.
You’ll be able to find out where some our best attractions (including hotels and resorts) are located! We’ve developed a very convenient online map that can help put together a daily itinerary of what to see and do during your stay. But don’t forget to just kick back and relax.
Interactive map with vacation spots and attractions A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes.
There’s honestly only one way to really experience Nassau Paradise Island. But if you’re only left with the fabrics of your imagination, let us help you make the best of it with 12 different galleries filled with high-quality images.
Interactive map with vacation spots and attractions Getting the information you need. Every time.
What will you do once you arrive? With that being one of the most important questions you may ask yourself, it’s also something we’ve kept in mind while revamping our site. Now you can access information you want without having to zig zag or circle round and round. It’s easy to travel to Nassau Paradise Island. Planning your trip should be easy, too.

Like what you see?

Miles of powder white sand. Warm turquoise waters. Endless blue skies. World-class hotels and resorts. Finding everything you want from beach activities and sports to exquisite shopping and fine dining. We’re hoping our newly redesigned website will now be part of that list that makes you want to pack your bags and head to Nassau Paradise Island.

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