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Unique & Exciting Boating Tours in The Bahamas

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on June 23, 2014

With so many awesome adventures waiting for you above and below the sea, our last two blogs didn’t even scratch the surface—pun intended! So here are three more fantastic boating and sailing excursions for you to try on your next vacation to Nassau Paradise Island:

Yacht Atlantis Paradise IslandAtlantis Yacht & Fishing Charters
As a guest of Atlantis, Paradise Island, you can get the Jay-Z and Beyoncé treatment by chartering a yacht for the morning, the day, or even the week! Sail around the islands of The Bahamas in your luxury yacht, dropping anchor in stunning secluded spots. Go swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving—or just sit back with your feet up, lie on your private deck and soak in the sun. Life is better (on a yacht!) in The Bahamas.

Dates, Times & Cost: Contact Atlantis, Paradise Island. Advance bookings are highly recommended.

Seaworld Explorer
Explore the ocean floor without ever getting wet! Seaworld Explorer is a unique two-part boating experience that starts on the surface, and then takes you below the crystal clear waters of The Bahamas.

The tour begins with a boat cruise between Paradise Island and Nassau, past the beautiful Bahamian homes of famous celebrities like Oprah and Tiger Woods (or so rumor has it!). Once you’ve seen the beauty of the Islands from the sea, you’ll transfer onto a semi-submersible boat to begin your undersea adventure. Head below deck into the air-conditioned underwater observatory to watch as you glide by coral reefs and marine life. From land to sea, Seaworld Explorer shows you all the life that lives in and around the waters of The Bahamas. Dates & Times: Contact Seaworld Explorer for more information. Costs: $45 for Adults and $25 for Kids (12 and under).

Seaworld Explorer also offers a Sea & See tour, which includes a boat cruise and a one-hour introductory tour of historical and cultural sites in Nassau in an air-conditioned bus. See The Queen’s Staircase, visit Fort Charlotte, and explore Rawson Square—the traditional center of the Bahamian Government.

Powerboat Adventures, Nassau Paradise IslandPowerboat Adventures
Want to feel like you’re the next James Bond? Come jump aboard a high-speed powerboat to experience one of the most exciting adventures of your life! Nassau Paradise Island’s Powerboat Adventures gives you a rush of adrenaline as you slice through the crystal clear water at 40 miles per hour. Head out to a private island to snorkel around Ship Channel Cay, where you can also feed stingrays, sharks, and Bahamian Dragons (not actual dragons, but iguanas that can be up to three feet long).

Powerboat Adventures provides you with full fins, masks, snorkels, and a lesson (if needed!). Their guides are happy to help you every kick of the way. Bring your own underwater camera to snap shots of stingrays, colorful coral life, and tropical fish.

The journey includes lunch (vegetarian-friendly meals, too!), drinks, and an open bar, but be sure to bring your own towel. Book a powerboat excursion on your trip, and share your best James Bond impression with us on Instagram (#NassauParadiseIsland) and Twitter (@Nassau_Bahamas). Dates: Daily Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm Cost: $199 for Adults and $140 for Kids (2-12).

Well, soon-to-be vacationers, with these three unique boating excursions—plus the half-day and full-day tours and the evening cruises we previously featured—this concludes our Bahamian boating series. Be sure to try one of them, or even all of them. The fun never stops in paradise!

What did you think? Are there any boating or sailing excursions you’d like to know more about? Let us know on Twitter (@Nassau_Bahamas) and Facebook, and make sure to share all your fun boating and sailing photos with us on social media, especially Instagram.


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