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Virgil’s Real BBQ Goes South (really south)!

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on January 16, 2012

Virgils_Real_BBQ_12468_MedWhile on vacation in Nassau Paradise Island, we always suggest going out of your “food element” and being a little adventurous with some of our traditional Bahamian dishes (think conch). But sometimes, in the heat of the moment, a sudden craving for good ol’ fashioned American cuisine sneaks up on you. How about the tantalizing smell and taste of Memphis pork spare ribs, Texas sliced beef brisket and whole barbecued chicken? Oh baby, thank goodness for the new Virgil’s Real BBQ, now open at Atlantis.

What makes Virgil’s different then other “authentic regional BBQ” restaurants? Before opening his first restaurant, founder Artie Cutler set out on a journey through the backroads of Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas, Missouri and Texas; ultimately the Kings of barbecue. This means when you need to feed a rumbling stomach in between shopping, beachcombing and sightseeing, you’re getting the crème de la crème when it comes to the true flavors of the South.

Hours of Operation

Breakfast: 7:00AM to 11:30AM
Lunch: 12:00PM to 5:30PM
Dinner: 5:30PM to 12:00AM
Bar Hours: 12:00PM to 1:00AM Daily

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