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Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on May 3, 2010

hammickThe wonderful thing about planning a vacation to Nassau Paradise Island is that we don’t have to work hard in convincing you to do so. But perhaps you need a little bit of a nudge when your thoughts migrate to “It’s too far away” or “It costs too much”. We’re only 180 miles off the coast of southern Florida and we are less than a 3-hour flight from New York. As for being too costly? We believe a weekend in paradise is possible; that’s why we always have hot deals for you.

You may have noticed our site is sporting a fresh, new updated look. Going from “Things to Do” to “Where to Stay” is now as easy as closing your eyes and saying “I want to go to Nassau Paradise Island”.  What can Travel Talk do for you? Well, we know that planning a trip can be overwhelming at times, that’s why our blog postings will guide you with a variety of island tidbits from current hotel deals to island events.

Make sure to check back regularly and you’ll quickly realize “It’s too far away” is just a state of mind.

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