Nassau Paradise Island

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Rich in History, Rich in Spirit

Experience Nassau Paradise Island History & Culture

Find out just what it means to be Bahamian. Join the festivities during a weekly fish fry or the semi-annual Junkanoo celebrations, where exuberant locals dance down the street in elaborate and colorful costumes. Explore the streets of downtown Nassau and walk in the footsteps of marauding pirates, Spanish invaders and Prohibition-era rumrunners. Continue your cultural journey through Rawson Square and take in the Colonial charm, pink buildings and English Georgian-style architecture of Government House and Parliament Square. Or visit the Educulture Junkanoo Museum for a fascinating glimpse into the history and culture of our beautiful islands.

Add a Touch of Island Influence to Your Getaway

A Marvelous Mix of Cultures

Part British, part Spanish and part West African, the variety of cultural influences here gives Nassau Paradise Island a spirit all its own.

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