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Trying on the latest fashions in haute couture boutiques. Strolling down quaint streets to find the best souvenirs for your friends back home. Picking up the perfect gift for a loved one at a luxury boutique. Bargaining with vendors at a renowned straw market. When you’re in The Bahamas, a different shopping adventure awaits you every day. Throughout our islands, you’ll find a wide variety of local crafts, jewelry, clothing and other authentic items that reflect the culture and creativity of The Bahamas. From the stylish boutiques on Paradise Island and Nassau’s Bay Street to Bahamian stores and markets, you’ll be enthralled by our shops and products—as well as enticed by our duty-free prices. Welcome to the wonderful world of shopping in Nassau Paradise Island!

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If you love designer fashions, unique items, luxury boutiques, souvenir shops and stores—and everything in between—you’ll love shopping in The Bahamas.