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Guide to Bahamas International Film Festival 2017

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Guide to Bahamas International Film Festival 2017

A movies screen with the Bahamas International Film Festival logo is set up next to a pool.

The 14th Annual Bahamas International Film Festival is coming soon to the shores of Nassau Paradise Island! This year’s film festival runs from December 10–17. There are industry events happening throughout the week but the festival fun kicks into high gear just in time for the weekend! It’s the perfect opportunity to combine a love of film with a getaway in Paradise.

For 14 years BIFF has been providing visitors and locals alike with unique and diverse films from around the world. International filmmakers, A-list celebrities, and guests of the Bahamas Film Festival not only get to enjoy impressive films and cinematic experiences, but they get to do it all surrounded by the beauty of Nassau Paradise Island! This year, you can too.

Make the most of your BIFF experience with our sneak peek at some of the films you can take in during the Bahamas International Film Festival:

If you like comedies:  Director Maya Cozier’s Short Drop follows an elderly man who gets mistaken for a taxi driver on his morning drive on the streets of Trinidad & Tobago’s bustling capital, Port-of-Spain.

If you like drama: How do you know you’re living your life to the fullest? What can you do to make the most of the time you have and the people you love? Italian director Matteo Petrelli explores some of life’s hardest questions in his short film Bad News.

If you like romance: You’ll love the Danish film Silent Nights. A young Danish woman falls in love with an undocumented immigrant at the homeless shelter she volunteers at. Will the couple be able to build a life together? This 2016 Academy Award Nominated Film is touching and heartfelt.

If you like documentaries: An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch is an enthralling and shocking look at the impact of overfishing on our oceans. Narrated by actor and ocean conservationist Ted Danson and directed by Alison Barrat, this story follows the work of fisheries scientist Dr. Daniel Paul as he uncovers frightening information about global fish populations.

If you like action movies: Find yourself in the heart of the Sinai Desert at the end of the 6 Day War, where two enemy soldiers fight for survival in the action-packed and intense Azimuth.

If you like biographies: Discover in the remarkable true life story of Henry Green, a 19-year-old actor who lived a double life as an inner-city gang member at I Am Shakespeare (The Henry Green Story).


To purchase tickets or passes for the Bahamas International Film Festival, please visit the box office page on the festival website. Tickets for regular film screenings are $10.00, or you can purchase unlimited day film screenings for $30. For up-to-date information on special screenings and galas check out the Bahamas International Film Festival on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. See you at the movies!

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