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A man approaches his wife on the beach. A couple walking down the beach in Nassau Paradise Island

Honeymoon Planning Guide

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Honeymoon Planning Guide

Blue turquoise waters, stunning white sand beaches, fine dining, beautiful spas… Nassau Paradise Island is full of romance! No wonder it makes a perfect destination for a memorable honeymoon. We want you to enjoy your romantic getaway to paradise, so we’ve prepared the ultimate honeymoon planning guide so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and settle in for marital bliss. 

Couple walking on the beach

Getting Started

Like weddings, it’s helpful to know what you need to have settled by when. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a checklist of everything you’ll want to do to pull off the honeymoon of your dreams.

Pick a budget

Start your honeymoon planning by having an honest conversation with your significant other about what your budget is. This will help you be realistic as you plan—and avoid sticker-shock at the end of your honeymoon. Next comes the fun bit! Figuring out where you’d like to go. Start some research by downloading travel guides, reading blogs, and asking friends and family who have visited The Bahamas before for their favorite experiences and best tips.

This step is best done six to eight months before your honeymoon. With some early planning you’re more likely to find a fabulous deal on a couples vacation, so look around and find the hotel or resort that fits the honeymoon style you’re looking for.

What kind of Honeymoon do you want?

Honeymoons are as varied as the couples who take them. Are you and your new mate looking to relax and unwind after your wedding? Explore a new country together? Learn something new by taking classes or signing up for informative tours? Do you want to experience it all or do nothing at all? Are you hoping to try restaurants throughout the destination or would you prefer the ease of an all-inclusive resort?

Once you agree on the kind of honeymoon you and your partner are looking for, you’re ready to begin researching and making those travel goals come true. Stay on track with your honeymoon planning with our downloadable honeymoon planning checklist and resource guide:

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