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A mother and son kayaking in Nassau

Eco-Friendly Adventures in Nassau & Paradise Island

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on April 15, 2024

Embrace Eco-Friendly Adventures in Nassau & Paradise Island

Nassau & Paradise Island are havens for travellers seeking sun, sand, and sustainability! While indulging in the beauty of this special place, you’ll be able to find numerous ways to enjoy this Paradise in an eco-friendly way. From serene nature excursions to immersive cultural experiences, here are five Earth-friendly activities to explore while making sure that the natural wonders of Nassau & Paradise are preserved for generations to come. 

Head for the Gardens   

Nothing will make you appreciate the unique and vibrant flora of The Bahamas more than visiting some of the botanical gardens dedicated to preserving the native flora and fauna of this Paradise. The Retreat Garden, for example, is an 11-acre botanical garden that allows visitors to relax among more than 90 species of palm trees, rare and exotic palms, native hardwoods, and flowering trees. The garden was originally a private home, eventually becoming the first national park in New Providence. Today, this green oasis in the middle of Paradise is best known for being a haven for migratory resident birds. Guided tours are available upon request, but remember that they must be arranged in advance.

Ardastra Gardens & Wildlife Conservation Centre is also a very worthwhile place to visit with little ones but is a highlight for visitors of all ages. Originally designed by Jamaican Horticulturalist, Hedley Edwards in 1937, Ardastra houses over 135 animals, including the national bird of The Bahamas, the Caribbean flamingo. As a wildlife conservation centre, the mission of Ardastra is to enrich the lives of the animals they care for and to help endangered species thrive through their dedicated breeding programs. Visiting these beautiful gardens will inspire you to become stewards of our natural world, so we can all enjoy the beauty of Nassau & Paradise Island.

These botanical sanctuaries serve as living museums, showcasing the rich biodiversity of The Bahamas and promoting conservation efforts. You can choose guided tours that prioritize sustainability and support local conservation efforts. 


Snorkeling in Marine Protected Areas 

Dive into the crystal-clear waters surrounding Nassau & Paradise Island to explore vibrant coral reefs and marine ecosystems. There are plenty of snorkelling excursions in The Bahamas that take place in designated marine protected areas, where strict conservation measures safeguard fragile underwater habitats. Clifton Heritage Park is the perfect place to spend some time underwater, marvelling at the sculpture garden and statues that live just under the surface.

Experience the beauty of our oceans responsibly and explore coral gardens filled with colourful tropical fish, sea turtles, and other marine creatures. It’s important to support sustainable tourism practices by selecting eco-conscious operators committed to minimizing their environmental impact and promoting marine conservation efforts. The Sanctuary at Baha Mar features an interactive ecological exhibit where visitors can learn about the natural behaviours of marine wildlife as their team feeds and interacts with nurse sharks, stingrays, green sea turtles, and Caribbean fish. Additionally, you can explore Dolphin Cay at Atlantis, which boasts a 14-acre marine sanctuary rehabilitation facility, offering educational experiences and interactive programs. Every visit supports marine conservation efforts through the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation. Among its highlights is a thrilling snorkelling adventure through the submerged ruins of Atlantics, where participants can explore the Ruins Lagoonn and encounter over 20,000 fish, including the majestic spotted eagle ray. 

Make sure to also bring and use reef-friendly sunscreens. Unfortunately, many traditional sunscreens are made with chemicals that have been seen to damage our delicate reefs. Only use sunscreen that’s biodegradable and marked as coral safe. This way, you and the ocean can remain safe while exploring. 

A group of people snorkelling in turquoise waters.

Kayak or Bike Through Paradise 

Discover the intricate ecosystems of Nassau’s mangrove forests by renting a kayak in The Bahamas. Get up close and personal to this unique ecosystem as you paddle along the serene waterways, surrounded by lush mangroves teeming with life. These mangrove ecosystems serve as vital nurseries for marine species and play a crucial role in protecting coastal areas from erosion. Opt for guided tours led by knowledgeable local experts who emphasize environmental conservation and can educate you about preserving these fragile habitats.

Alternatively, rent a bike and pedal along the scenic coastal trails and winding pathways, soaking in panoramic views of pristine beaches and tropical landscapes. Opting for human-powered transportation will minimize your environmental footprint while immersing yourself in the natural splendour of Nassau & Paradise Island.

Kayak with dolphins
A couple riding bikes through Ocean Club, a Four Seasons Resort

Beach or Bust

Indulging in a day of relaxation by the beach is a quintessential experience while visiting The Bahamas, and you can do it in an eco-friendly way. Opt for resorts and accommodations that prioritize sustainability, offering amenities such as reusable water bottles and eco-friendly toiletries. When soaking up the sun, be mindful of your environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic and opting for reusable beach gear. Take advantage of designated recycling bins and participate in beach cleanup efforts made to ensure that the pristine shorelines of Nassau & Paradise Island remain unspoiled for everyone to enjoy for years to come. By embracing eco-conscious habits while basking in the beauty of the beach, you can savour every moment of relaxation while preserving the natural beauty of The Bahamas. 

aerial view of beach
Turtles and fish swimming in Nassau Paradise Island

Bird Watching in Nature Reserves 

The allure of Nassau & Paradise Island extends beyond human visitors. Not only is it a sought-after destination for tourists seeking to escape harsh winters back home, but it also serves as a sanctuary for migratory birds seeking refuge in warmer climates. Explore the Primeval Forest, an old-growth woodland that welcomes several species of birds, including herons and wild flamingos. It also features dramatic sinkholes and unique limestone caverns that are easily accessible thanks to the well-maintained boardwalks, steps and bridges in the park. The Primeval Forest supports a diverse collection of plants and animals, making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and eco-conscious travellers. 

Children playing in Nassau Paradise Island park
A family walking down Queen's Staircase in The Bahamas

Travel Responsibly 

Nassau & Paradise Island offer a lot of options for the eco-friendly traveller looking to connect with nature sustainably. By embracing local initiatives for conservation and embarking on eco-friendly tours, visitors can enjoy all that this tropical paradise has to offer while leaving a positive impact on the planet for future generations to appreciate! Let’s make a difference together, plan your sustainable escape to Nassau & Paradise Island today!

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