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A couple jumping into a pool in The Bahamas
Nassau Paradise Island

Island Experiences

So close…and yet, so different! The islands of The Bahamas are packed with history, culture, cuisine, and an energy unlike anywhere else in the world. Add a dash of friendly Bahamian spirit, 300 days of sunshine per year, and those beautiful beaches, and you’ve got a travel itinerary packed with incredible things to do, see, and experience. 

Things To Do

A relaxing retreat or a high-energy escape – no matter what kind of a getaway you’re craving, there are endless ways to experience Nassau Paradise Island, from shopping and spas to the Caribbean’s largest, most exciting casinos. 

And don’t forget about those sparkling turquoise waters – visible from space, right here for you to enjoy. 

Things To See

For centuries, The Bahamas has been at the heart of some of history’s most thrilling moments (think pirates, blockade runners, and rum smugglers) and that history comes alive today at our many heritage sites. 

Stroll through Nassau to discover our culture for yourself, or join us on a guided tour of the highlights – Bahamians love to welcome visitors to our islands! 

Experience The Island

Island Fun Facts

The site of one of the world’s largest and most stunning coral reefs. Former refuge for the scariest pirates to run the seas.

Home to Junkanoo and James Bond (four of his films, at least). Past and present, Nassau Paradise Island is full of fun facts and interesting tales and tidbits.