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up close photo of flowers in front of the pink parliament building
Nassau Paradise Island

Meet Our Bahamas Storytellers

If you’ve been lucky enough to chat with a Bahamian, you know how delightful the experience can be. Here in Nassau Paradise Island, you’ll meet plenty of gifted storytellers who are excited to share their Island home with you. They know the best places to eat, drink, play, and relax – and now, they’re letting you in on their favourite hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path experiences.  

Learn more about our local storytellers and check out their recommendations for making your time in Nassau Paradise Island extra special. 


Anastarcia “Star” Palacious

Star loves to share her favourite spots around Nassau Paradise Island along with fun facts and interesting anecdotes about what makes them must-sees. She’ll be sharing stories about Bahamian culture – significant sites, local flavours, and places you’ll love adding to your Nassau Paradise Island itinerary. 


Nicholas Mitchell

Nicholas is all about food and drink! Check out his stories for a glimpse at the best spots around Nassau Paradise Island to sample delicious local delicacies and drinks. If he’s recommending it, you know it’s going to be good. Don’t forget to pack your appetite when you try his suggestions!