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A large group of people smiling and laughing at flamingos.A large group of people smiling and laughing at flamingos.

Marching to the Flamingo Beat

In the 1950’s, the Caribbean flamingo was headed for extinction, with its population decreasing from 100,000 to 3,000 birds. Fortunately, the Bahamian government stepped in and passed a law prohibiting the hunting of flamingos, and now the population is healthy and flourishing.

In a further effort to save the population, flamingos were sent to Ardastra Gardens & Zoo in Nassau, with the hope that they could be bred in captivity. Although the experiment proved unsuccessful, something else wonderful happened. The flamingos became more comfortable around people, and a new way for everyone to enjoy and appreciate flamingos was born: The March of The Flamingos, where these beautiful birds go on a special parade in Ardastra three times during the day to the delight of spectators young and old.

The Ardastra Gardens & Zoo is not only home to the marching flamingos, but also to nearly 300 mammals, birds and reptiles. Many of these are endangered species but Ardastra Gardens supplies the perfect living environment for them, including Sasha and Sheeba, two jaguar sisters, and a blue and gold macaw named Salvador and his sidekick Toby. Come and explore the Ardastra Gardens and meet them for yourself!