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Fritters set atop white plates with an orange flower.Fritters set atop white plates with an orange flower.

Taste Traditional Bahamian Cuisine

A leisurely stroll along the beach is never complete without exploring the secrets of the sea. Countless times you’ve found yourself picking up a shell and holding it closely to your ear, hoping to hear the call of the ocean. Chances are that shell was once home to a conch, which also happens to be an important food source throughout The Bahamas.

Seafood lovers can appreciate the Bahamian fondness for conch (pronounced “konk”). Unlike the somewhat slippery oyster, conch meat is firm and white—and as one of the most popular foods in The Bahamas, local restaurants have found delectable ways to serve it. Conch may be prepared raw with lime juice, as conch salad with tomatoes, peppers and onions, and added to other dishes such as soups and salads. There’s also deep-fried conch fritters and cracked conch (a fried dish that’s a bit like fried calamari). In fact, conch can be found in some form or another at just about every traditional restaurant in The Bahamas.

In addition to conch, other traditional foods include Bahamian rock lobster, crabs and snapper, while desserts might feature coconut and guava as a sweet treat. But no matter what you choose on the menu, you’ll find that with so many cultural influences in Nassau Paradise Island, the culinary diversity is extraordinary…and delicious! Get ready to discover the tastier side of The Bahamas.