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An empty tropical beach with white sand and bright turquoise water.

Sunshine and Blue Skies: Weather in Nassau, Bahamas

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on November 08, 2017

You’ll love the weather in Nassau Paradise Island!

When it comes to Bahamas weather, there really is nothing better! Not only are the waters of Nassau Paradise Island some of the warmest and clearest in the Caribbean, the sun is out an average of 300 days—that’s more than 80 per cent of the year!

So what’s the weather in The Bahamas going to be like for your next beach vacation? We’ve put together seasonal weather trends so you can pack perfectly and enjoy all the beauty that Nassau Paradise Island has to offer.

Average temperature in Nassau Paradise Island:
Average temperature in Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas weather chart

The sun can’t shine every day, even in Paradise! Rain is what keeps our tropical vegetation so lush and green. But don’t worry! The sun is never gone for long in The Bahamas! Rainstorms tend to pass quickly, so once the sun comes back out you can be back on the beach in no time. 

Hot sun and beautiful white sand beaches are definitely reasons to plan a Caribbean vacation, but in Nassau Paradise Island, you’ll find so much more! Learn more about all of the things to do in Nassau Paradise Island. For detailed Bahamas weather forecasts, visit

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