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Graycliff Restaurant in Nassau, Bahamas

Indulgences at Graycliff Restaurant

Indulgences at Graycliff Restaurant

Graycliff Hotel

Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant, known for its exceptional dining and hospitality, introduces a unique culinary adventure – the Indulgences series. This exclusive offering invites guests to explore the art of pairing fine wines and spirits with delectable bites for a truly indulgent afternoon experience.

Every month a new theme is presented to guests:

August and September - Bubbles & Lobster: While you savour Lobster cooked 3 ways you'll have an indulging lesson in three different types of sparkling wine.

October - Bubbles & Conch

November - Wine & Cheese

December - Bubbles & Chocolate

January - Tequila & Seafood

Bubbles & Lobster Indulgences

Nick tries the Bubbles & Lobster Indulgences at Graycliff Restaurant.