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Clean & Pristine Certification

The health and safety of our visitors remain a top priority on Nassau Paradise Island. Our member hotels and resorts have undergone strict certification and inspection by The Bahamas’ Clean & Pristine Certification Agency.

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Clean & Pristine” is your assurance that these hotels are adhering to The Bahamas’ government-approved guidelines, which reflect the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

These guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  • Appointment of a “Clean & Pristine” Manager or a designate responsible for oversight of the hotel’s health and safety program.
  • Ensuring that staff members have access to operational health and safety procedures in place at the hotel that meet or exceed the Bahamas Government approved Health and Safety Protocols.
  • Ensuring guests’ health and safety procedures are in place that meet or exceed Bahamas Government-approved health and safety protocols.
  • Ensuring guests and staff procedures are in place to detect and respond to health and safety issues arising that may or may not be COVID-19 related, which meet or exceed Bahamas Government-approved health and safety guidelines.
  • Ensuring staff who are under an active Stay-Home/Shelter-in-Place Notice or Quarantine Order are not at the hotel.
  • Ensuring staff members have not visited restricted countries where COVID-19 related border restrictions are in place, in keeping with government-issued orders.
  • Maintaining documents and records of all preventive measures.
  • Putting measures in place to adequately train employees, on an ongoing basis, regarding health and safety practices.
  • Ensuring that record-keeping, staff schedules, compliance checklists, and reporting procedures are in place to facilitate and support inspection requirements, and in order to assist with any requirement for contact tracing.
  • Ensuring processes are in place to incorporate and inform guests and visitors of Bahamas Government-issued Emergency Orders which may affect hotel operations, employees, and guests accessing or staying at the facility respectively.
  • Prominently placed signage throughout the hotel – guest-facing and back-of-the-house areas – that speaks to the health, hygiene, and physical distancing protocols as outlined by The Bahamas Ministry of Health.
  • Access to a healthcare provider, either on-site or from a local healthcare center, private or public.
  • Adequate signage outlining policies will be clearly displayed at all locations and will guide you through your stay.

All certified properties will be marked with the “Clean & Pristine” insignia and will undergo regular review to ensure standards are being upheld.