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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

People tend to be aware of practicing environmentally-friendly habits at home and at work – but what about on vacation? In recent years, interest in ecotourism has grown, and people are thinking more about ways to travel that also do no harm to the earth. Good news: enjoying an eco-friendly vacation is easier than you might think!

If you’re wondering how to lessen your carbon footprint while you’re on vacation, check out our easy tips for more sustainable, eco-friendly travel.

Use reef-friendly sunscreen. When you’re visiting a sunny location like Nassau Paradise Island, of course sunscreen is a must. However, many sunscreen products contain chemicals that can be damaging to oceans and reefs. Shop for a sunscreen that’s biodegradable and reef-friendly as well as packing a high SPF, such as Alba Botanica, Badger, or Coola.

Reuse your in-room towels and bedding. In most hotels, housekeeping staff will launder any towels that are left on the bathroom floor and leave towels that are hung up. Try hanging your towels to dry overnight so you can get two days’ use out of them. If you’re OK with going an extra day (or more!) between sheet changes, leave a note for housekeeping staff.

Turn off the lights, electronics, and air conditioning when you’re not in the room. Keep your hotel room temperature set to a comfortable, but not cold, setting while you’re not in the room. Turn off the lights, TVs, and other electronics when you leave your room for the day.

Choose locally-sourced foods. In The Bahamas, this is easy to do, especially if you’re a seafood lover! Fresh seafood is found on menus everywhere throughout Nassau Paradise Island. Sampling local cuisine is part of the fun of traveling to any new location, in addition to reducing transport emissions created by importing food, so be adventurous and try some of the local favorites.

Leave natural spaces the same as you find them. If you’re spending a day at the beach, make sure you don’t leave any litter behind, and don’t take items such as shells, coral, or driftwood away with you, either. The same advice works no matter where you’re traveling: parks, lakes, or mountains. Delicate ecosystems can be disrupted easily, so enjoy your visit without disturbing any of the plants or animals that make their homes in your vacation destination.

Think about green travel methods while exploring new destinations. Rather than touring a new city or area in a car, think about more eco-friendly travel instead. For example, you could sign up for a walking or biking tour of a city you’re visiting. The benefits are many: you’ll get exercise, enjoy an up-close and personal perspective on new neighborhoods and local sights, and do the environment a favor too!

When you visit Nassau Paradise Island, there are many ways to explore the beauty of The Bahamas while preserving our pristine natural environment. Learn more about eco tours of Nassau Paradise Island.

Bahamas Outdoors

Spend a half-day or a full day discovering Nassau Paradise Island’s birds, butterflies, and plants on foot or by bike with Bahamas Outdoors. Sign up for a birding tour, where you’ll trek through forests, wetlands, and natural reserves to spot some of The Bahamas’ native birds. Or embark on a nature tour, where guests can explore some of The Bahamas’ nature reserves, parks, ponds, and gardens. All of Bahamas Outdoors’ tour guests will be provided with binoculars, field guides, and refreshments. Learn more about Bahamas Outdoors.

Segway Nassau

Hop aboard a Segway and get ready to cruise around Nassau Paradise Island’s beaches and harbour with a Segway Nassau tour! After a quick orientation, guests will glide along the walkways lining Nassau Harbour, checking out the colorful sights along the way. A stop at the Fish Fry is the perfect opportunity to refresh and refuel before continuing uphill to Fort Charlotte for fantastic harbour views.