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A family touring Nassau Paradise Island

Cultural Attractions

Bahamian culture is something special – and totally unique. From the exuberance of Junkanoo costumes, music, and dance to colorful arts and crafts, you’ll see influences from African, Caribbean, and British cultures here. The vibe is easygoing, friendly, and welcoming – you’ll soon feel right at home!

In Nassau Paradise Island there are plenty of places to become familiar with Bahamian culture. Visit a museum, browse an art gallery, participate in a local festival…whatever you choose, you’ll leave with a greater understanding and appreciation of what it means to be Bahamian. 

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National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

Downtown Nassau
Discover the Caribbean’s most renowned artists and up-and-coming new talent at the National Art...

Doongalik Studios & Art Gallery

If you love art, be sure to visit the Doongalik Studios Art Gallery in Nassau. Originally formed in...

Heritage Museum of The Bahamas

Downtown Nassau
Browse the collection of Hamilton White, a well-known British antiques collector, which includes...

Craft Cottage Bahamas

Looking for locally made home décor, glassware, jewelry, soaps, clothing, and artwork? Then be sure...

Straw Market

Downtown Nassau
An authentic shopping experience right in the middle of the high-end and boutique shops on Nassau’s...

Educulture Junkanoo Museum

Downtown Nassau
What once began as a temporary celebration of freedom for slaves who were given three days off for...

Tour Christ Church Cathedral

Downtown Nassau
Dating back to 1670, Christ Church Cathedral is the first church built in The Bahamas and is...

Heritage Village Artists' Studio

Downtown Nassau
The Graycliff Heritage Village Artists’ Studios allow guests to meet and interact with some of the...