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Four friends have fun feeding a swimming pig at Pig Island BahamasTwo pigs swimming in the ocean

Piggie Pics: Our Favorite Swimming Pig Photos

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Piggie Pics: Our Favorite Swimming Pig Photos

One of the most unique tours you can experience in The Bahamas is a boat trip to what’s become known as Pig Island. This daylong excursion includes a speedboat ride through the turquoise waters of Nassau Paradise Island, a Bahamian lunch, and a chance to interact up close and personal with the famous Bahamas swimming pigs. So many of our guests have gone on this once-in-a-lifetime excursion and documented every moment! Here are some of our favorite “piggie pics” taken by visitors like you!


The pigs of “Pig Island” are inquisitive and outgoing. They often come to say hello as soon as you disembark.

A close up photo of one of The Bahamas' swimming pigs.
Photo credit: @ alinasemjonov
A pig swims through turquoise waters at Pig Beach, Bahamas
Photo credit: @meguchuaaan

These little piggies aren’t always so little! Pig Island’s swimming pigs come in all shapes and sizes.

A group of pigs on Pig Beach in The Exumas.
Photo credit: @bonnie_ee

Some of the pigs linger in shallow waters…

Two piglets on the beach at Big Major Cay Bahamas
Photo credit: @bethanybowlesmoore
A pig wades into the clear waters of the Bahamas at Pig Beach
Photo credit: @ashleytilton8

…While some will swim right out to greet you at your boat!

A swimming pig in The Bahamas' turquoise waters.
Photo credit: @dianakfrance

They’re always willing to eat a tasty treat! (Rumor has it carrots are their favorite).

A large pig opens it mouth at Pig Island Bahamas
Photo credit: @jeannemh82

One of the most memorable parts of a trip to pig beach is feeding the pigs. They’ll eat right out of your hands!

We think you’ll find that what The Bahamas’ swimming pigs love doing most of all is just hanging around.

To learn all about how to get to “pig beach”, and its porcine population, check out our blog all about swimming pigs in The Bahamas! And for more unforgettable boat tours and excursions in Nassau Paradise Island, see all of the unique tours we offer. Have you ever seen The Bahamas’ swimming pigs? Share your photos using the hashtag #InstaParadise for your chance to be featured.



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