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Plan Your Stay in Paradise
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Plan Your Stay In Paradise
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Bahama Art & Handicraft

This quaint art gallery and craft shop is a must-visit for anyone looking for a locally made souvenir, gift, or artwork to remember their Bahamas vacation. Located a five-minute drive from downtown Nassau on East Shirley Street in a replica of a traditional Bahamian home, Bahama Art and Handicraft is filled with collectibles, handicrafts, and artwork large and small.

More than store, Bahama Art and Handicraft is a treasure chest with unique pieces that tell the story of the islands of the Bahamas. The walls showcase an array of photos that transport you back in time, antique and historical books are onsite and available for sale, and there are even artifacts from 18th century shipwrecks!

Beautiful watercolor paintings of well-loved Bahamas views, intricate wood carvings, homemade jams and hot sauces featuring Bahamian fruits, handmade candles and soaps, unique jewelry pieces crafted from the scales of the invasive Lionfish, conch shells, or local Bahamas coins—the store is overflowing with stunning natural creations, and new arrivals daily. If you are an art, craft, or nature lover, Bahama Art and Handicraft is a must-stop shop.

Open Tuesday–Saturday, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Shopping in Paradise

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