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Bright blue sky, clear turquoise waters, and a small boat anchored off the shore of a Bahamas beach. Beautiful blue ocean and white sand beach

6 Photos to Inspire Some Zen this Holiday Season

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6 Photos to Inspire Some Zen this Holiday Season

Oh, the weather outside might be frightful, but there’s no reason you can’t surround yourself with photos that are just delightful! To help you do just that, we’ve picked some of our most beautiful and calming Bahamas photos so you can carry Paradise in your pocket wherever you go. Feeling stressed this holiday season? These mobile backdrops are just the ticket to add a bit of zen to your life.

The view of a pier over turquoise waters through a palm tree.
Clear turquoise waters and a tropical island.
A conch shell in the sand on a Bahamas beach with 'It's Better in The Bahamas' written.
A hammock between two palm trees on a beach in Nassau Paradise Island
A crooked palm tree on a Bahamas beach
A boat anchored off the shore of a beautiful Bahamas beach.

For more inspiring and relaxing photos, check out some of our favorite guest photos of Nassau Paradise Island. To learn more about the spectacular beaches in Nassau Paradise Island, check out our Bahamas Beaches Guide. Want to see these beautiful views in real life? Start planning your own Bahamas vacation with the help of our travel deals.

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