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Three women walk arm-in-arm along a boardwalk in The Bahamas.

Planning The Perfect Friends Trip

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on July 24, 2019

The International Day of Friendship is just around the corner so we just had to talk about one of our favorite kinds of Bahamas beach getaways: the friends trip! Whether you’re rendezvousing with friends who live afar, reuniting with college pals, celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette, or are just looking to get away from it all with some of your closest pals, there’s no better place to spend some quality time—and make some quality memories—than Nassau Paradise Island. Read on for some of our top tips for planning a friends trip that’s one for the books.

Start Early

Even finding time to grab brunch with your friends can sometimes be a challenge with everyone’s competing schedules, so when you’re planning a friends getaway, start early so everyone can set aside time, schedule time off from work, and save up for your trip. Starting your planning early also gives you more opportunity to find the perfect deal on your Nassau Paradise Island hotel.

Get on the Same Page

There are so many things to do in Nassau Paradise Island that each one of your friends may have a different idea of what kind of vacation they’d like. Will you be relaxing on the beach and hanging by the pool or going from the excitement of Aquaventure to the thrill of a powerboat ride? Focusing on food and drink or touring historic sites and learning about the culture? Starting your days early or staying out to enjoy our nightlife? Deciding at the outset what kind of vacation you’re planning helps avoid confusion and disappointment down the line.

Pick Your Accommodation

Depending on the size of your group, you have a number of choices when it comes to where to stay. Are you looking for the ease of an all-inclusive, the excitement of a mega-resort, or the seclusion of a smaller hotel? Some of our hotels and resorts even provide accommodations including full kitchens and more space for a more home-away-from-home feel.No matter your travel style or your budget, there’s comfortable accommodation waiting for you and your friends in Nassau Paradise Island!

Build Your Wishlist

There are plenty of adventures to be had in Nassau Paradise Island, so have all your pals pick their top thing to do for the trip. Use that to build your wishlist—the list of activities you hope to accomplish while traveling together. There are some items that will stand out as must dos, whether it’s the unique experience of rolling cigars or creating your own chocolate bars at Graycliff, a once-in-a-lifetime experience like swimming with pigs or paddleboarding with dolphins, trying your luck at the Caribbean’s largest casino, or the simple joy of toasting to your friendship at a restaurant with a beautiful view. Add some back-ups to your list too, and don’t forget to leave some unplanned time for simply catching up and enjoying each other’s company.

Pack Like A Pro

Once you’ve got your flights booked, your hotel reserved, your plans made, and your time off, all that’s left to do is pack up and get ready for the friend trip of a lifetime. We love the idea of getting some matching swag to make the trip feel a bit more special, be it matching sun hats, tees, or beach bags. Some other things you’ll want to make sure you remember are sunscreen, your swimsuit, and your waterproof camera or smartphone case to capture all of the fun! For more tips on packing everything you need for a Bahamas vacation, check out our packing list.


What are you waiting for? Get group chatting and start planning the perfect Nassau Paradise Island for you and your beach-loving besties.

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