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Say Cheese! Tips for the Perfect Vacation Photo

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on October 08, 2014

Looking through an album of vacation photos, you can actually hear the waves crashing on the beach, smell the salty air, and feel the warm sun on your skin! Photos can transport you back to another place and time in an instant, so bringing along a camera when you visit Nassau Paradise Island is an absolute must.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional photographer with a lot of pricey equipment to take beautiful vacation snapshots. With a few simple tricks and techniques, you can capture precious memories from your trip in a stunning vacation album that you’ll be proud to share with family and friends. Here are seven quick tips for photographing your next beach vacation.

When shooting other people, photograph with your back to the sun. This ensures your subjects are fully illuminated and prevents photos in which people are dark silhouettes against a bright background. Keep in mind that when they’re facing the sun, people are more likely to squint, so this works best if your subjects are lit from the side or playing in the sand rather than facing you head-on. Another option is to use your flash. Even when it’s bright and sunny outside, the flash will fill in any shadows on faces cast by hats or glasses.

Consider a polarizing filter. If you have the option to use camera filters, polarizing filters reduce the glare off the water and deepen colors – ideal for shooting a day at the beach! (Bonus tip: If you’re using Instagram, pros recommend the Valencia filter for oceanside shots).

Remember the “golden hour”. Pro photographers call the hour before sunset the “golden hour” for a reason. Rich, warm light casts a flattering glow on faces, and the color of the sky is more saturated for a dramatic effect. Try it! Early morning light can also create some interesting effects.

Try some black and white shots. The beach is full of color, so our first instinct is to capture those vibrant blues, turquoises, and golds. Strong sunlight and high contrast can make B&W beach photos look dramatic and artistic. Mix a few black and white shots into your collection!

Get in the photo yourself! Parents, in particular, are often so focused on taking pictures of their children that they end up in very few or no photos themselves. Don’t be camera shy! Ask someone to take a shot of you with your kids or your spouse, or use the front-facing camera on your phone to get in the picture.

Be creative. Take as many different types of shots as you can, from wide-angle beach vistas to close-ups of toes in the sand. Try to capture the many textures you’ll find on the beach, from grainy sand to foamy waves. Don’t be afraid of taking too many pictures. You can always delete some when you arrive home, and you might be surprised at the gems you’ll capture by playing around and experimenting with your camera!

Protect your gear. Dropping your camera in the waves could spell disaster. Invest in a waterproof cover for your camera or phone to avoid any accidents.

Now that you know how to shoot like a pro, why not put those skills to work in Nassau Paradise Island? Our crystal-clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and colorful architecture make the perfect backdrop for your next vacation album – have a look at our Instagram feed to see for yourself. Browse through our travel deals and get ready to discover how making vacation memories is better in The Bahamas!

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