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Silhouette of a scuba diver in turquoise water.

Travel Tip of the Month: Responsible Diving

Travel Tip of the Month: Responsible Diving

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on April 15, 2020

The sparkling turquoise waters of The Bahamas are home to a variety of fascinating marine life. Coral reefs and shipwrecks are amazing places to see and discover the vibrant underwater world of Nassau Paradise Island. No wonder scuba diving is a favorite activity for adventurous travelers looking to explore Nassau by sea and on land. 

We want to keep our waters crystal clear and our coral reefs full of life so we’re giving you our tips for responsible diving to keep you and the sea creatures you encounter safe.

Don’t Touch the Coral

Coral reefs are extremely delicate and even touching the coral with your bare hands can damage it. Admire the coral with your eyes only and definitely don't remove any coral as a souvenir.

Stay Steady

Scuba diving is all about control—controlling your movements and buoyancy. Stay aware of your body position and movement, you don’t want to accidentally hit the reef. This gets easier with experience, so listen for tips from your instructor. Making sure you've got the proper weighting will also help.

Check Your Equipment

Scuba diving companies in Nassau Paradise Island take safety very seriously and it shows in the condition of their rental gear. Nevertheless, it is always good practice double-checking everything is in order before diving in. This includes tucking away as much as you can so that there are no dangling parts that could knock into a reef or get caught. If you’re new to diving, make sure you know how to work all of your equipment and remember that your excursion leaders are there to help.

Don’t Pollute

This tip protects our oceans and coral reefs whether you're in scuba gear or not, but it's responsible for divers to be conscious of what they bring to the ocean. The chemicals in some sunscreens can be harmful, and of course, no litter should be thrown off your boat.

Know the Rules

And follow them! Your diving instructor is likely to give you a plan for where you’ll be diving along with rules to keep in mind. Pay attention and ask questions if something is not clear. Safety should be taken very seriously when diving.

Read Up

For a better understanding of the underwater world you dive into, and how to protect it, learn as much as you can about diving and marine life. Continue your diving training, learn about conservation efforts and ways you can help.

A scuba diving excursion can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and diving responsibly helps ensure that the beautiful fish and reefs you enjoy today will thrive for years to come. Take these travel tips to heart and then next time you’re in Nassau Paradise Island you’ll be able to enjoy a water adventure that is as responsible as it is fun.


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