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Sting rays and fish at the Baha Mar Sanctuary

Under theSea

The Bahamas may be known for sparkling turquoise waters, but did you know there’s an incredible world under the water’s surface that’s every bit as beautiful? Home to hundreds of species of marine animals and plants and the world’s third largest coral reef, the waters surrounding Nassau Paradise Island are full of life–and there are plenty of ways to discover it for yourself when you visit. 


Keeping Paradise Pristine

To ensure our waters stay picture-perfect for years to come, our partners are working hard to protect and preserve our delicate ecosystem while enabling guests to get up close and personal with the species that make their home here. See how we’re taking care of our waters while letting you discover what lies beneath, too. 

The Atlantis Blue Project Foundation

The Atlantis Blue Project Foundation is committed to saving sea species and their habitats throughout The Bahamas and waters surrounding the islands. Guests and visitors to Atlantis, Paradise Island contribute to the project with the admission fees they pay to take part in the resort’s marine interactions and experiences. Money collected funds scientific research, conservation programs, and community outreach. Atlantis offers a wide menu of marine experiences for children of all ages and adults alike at the world’s largest marine habitat, home to 50,000 marine animals from more than 250 species. 

Blue Project logo

Baha Mar Foundation

The Baha Mar Foundation was built on the pillars of Community, Culture, and Conservation. Through volunteerism and financial donations, the foundation strives to lead sustainable conservation efforts, celebrate authentic Bahamian traditions and art, and strengthen the community through improvements in education. One of their conservation-focused initiatives is The Sanctuary, where guests of all ages can take part in hands-on activities such as animal encounters and feedings in a fun, educational environment. 

Baha Mar Foundation


Wonderful Water: Ocean Facts By The Numbers

Infographic of ocean-related facts in Nassau Paradise Island

Want to Jump In?

You’re in luck! There are plenty of ways to explore our wonderful water world when you visit Nassau Paradise Island. Prefer to stay dry? You can still get in on the underwater fun from dry land. Here are our top picks for wet and wild activities that are educational and fun.

Dolphin Cay, Atlantis
Atlantis Paradise Island
Paradise Island
A habitat dedicated to conservation, rehabilitation, and education.
Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas
Learn how to scuba dive, take a snorkeling tour, or hop in a SUB!
Open Now
Ever want to “drive” underwater? Here’s your chance to observe an underwater world.
Seahorse Snorkeling & Sailing Tour
Open Now
Snorkel alongside some of the most vibrant and lush reefs in the Caribbean.

Get a Taste of the Paradise Life