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Quiz: What Type of Travel Planner Are You?

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Quiz: What Type of Travel Planner Are You?

Whether you’re planning a girls’ getaway or a corporate retreat, a bachelorette or a family reunion, one thing is for sure: when it comes to group travel, it’s better in The Bahamas! Nassau Paradise Island has everything you need to plan the perfect group getaway. Our incredible hotels and resorts offer accommodations of every size and shape. Dining options from casual beachside fare to world-class fine dining make for memorable meals. Activities like snorkeling, island hopping, winemaking, and flamingo yoga provide unforgettable experiences for you and your group. Find out what kind of travel planner you are with our quiz and then fire up the group chat and start planning your trip to paradise.

How far in advance do you start planning?

a)     A year out

b)     A couple of months in advance

c)      I start planning as soon as I see a travel deal

d)     Define “in advance”

How do you stay organized?

a)     I’m not called The Spreadsheet Wizard for nothing

b)     Voice notes on my phone

c)      There’s an app for that

d)     Pen and paper

What’s your priority when planning a group vacation?

a)     The more people there are, the higher the opportunity for confusion. I want to make sure everyone knows exactly what’s happening at any given time

b)     I mostly just want to have fun spending time together

c)      I want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the costs associated

d)     Place to sleep, place to eat

How do you spend the flight to Nassau Paradise Island?

a)     Reviewing itineraries and anticipating your first day

b)     Watching movies

c)      Eating your pre-packed travel snacks

d)     Sleeping

As soon as you get to your hotel you plan to…

a)     Make sure everyone finds their room satisfactory

b)     Explore the grounds

c)      Locate the closest grocery store

d)     Ask the front desk for restaurant recommendations

Rise and shine! It’s your first morning in paradise. Before you do anything you…

a)     Confirm pick-up time with your tour guide or driver

b)     Soak in the view from your room

c)      Fire up the in-room coffee maker

d)     Figure out what the heck you’re going to wear

The group is getting hungry. What do you do?

a)     Hand out the snacks you’ve packed for just this occasion.

b)     Find a place to eat.

c)      Take them to the local restaurant you researched.

d)     Google “restaurants near me”

Every group trip needs activities. How many have you planned?

a)     You’ve scheduled one free afternoon but otherwise you’ve got a jam-packed schedule prepared.

b)     You’ve got some ideas that you plan to run by the group.

c)      You’ve booked one big exciting adventure, but your trip is largely self-guided.

d)     The last day is going to be awesome.

Nassau Paradise Island has some incredible places to eat. How many reservations have you made?

a)     Lunches and dinners are booked. The group is on their own for breakfast.

b)     You’ve reserved seats at one of the best-reviewed restaurants but so far that’s it.

c)      Aside from the meals included in your activities and excursions, you’ve got dinner booked at a quaint family-owned spot you found online.

d)     You’ve got a nightly reservation booked at the hotel restaurant.

How can you tell your group is enjoying their time?

a)     A survey

b)     It’s The Bahamas, of course they are!

c)      Ask around

d)     You’re going to send them a note once you’ve arrived back home

Don’t forget your souvenirs! Where are you taking the group to shop?

a)     Bay Street

b)     Marina Village

c)      Straw Market

d)     That’s a free time activity  

MOSTLY As: The Capital ‘P’ Planner

We have a sneaking suspicion this group trip was all your idea. You’re the kind of person who plans their travel far in advance and probably settled on The Bahamas months ago. You’re going to have itineraries sent to your fellow travelers before they’re even packed, and we bet you’ve researched your hotel options and things to do down to the smallest detail. Consider signing up for our newsletter so you can get an insider perspective on events, activities, and hotel deals in Nassau Paradise Island.

MOSTLY Bs: Go With the Flow

Truthfully, you’re not much of a planner at all, but you see the benefits of time spent with friends, colleagues, or loved ones, and you know that once you arrive in paradise, things are bound to work out wonderfully. Make sure you get hotels booked and rely on pre-made itineraries, travel apps like Culture Trip and TripAdvisor, and the friendly Bahamians you’re bound to encounter in Nassau Paradise Island to help you figure out the rest.

MOSTLY Cs: The Budgeter

Whether you’re beholden to someone else’s budget or you just love a deal, you’re the kind of person who will do the research and put in the work if it means saving some money. You’re likely to compare airfares and hotel rates and may even propose multiple dates to your group based on cost. To help plan the group getaway of you (and your wallet’s) dreams, try to be flexible with your dates and expectations, keep an eye out for deals, and look for opportunities to leverage any corporate partnerships or loyalty programs.

MOSTLY Ds: Down to the Wire

You’ve probably been doing nothing but dream of white sands and turquoise waters since you and your group settled on Nassau Paradise Island as your vacation destination and are not one to worry about details like flights and accommodations until the very last minute. Luckily for you, dear panicker, there are several nonstop flights to Nassau daily and we’ve got all-inclusive resorts and pre-planned itineraries to help you wow your fellow travelers no matter when you booked.