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A family of four walks hand-in-hand along a Bahamas beach.A family of four walks hand-in-hand along a Bahamas beach.

Quiz: Which Bahamas Resort is Best for Your Family?

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Quiz: Which Bahamas Resort is Best for Your Family?

When it comes to incredible family vacations, there’s no place better than Nassau Paradise Island! We have fun activities for kids of all ages, a ton of family-friendly restaurants, and miles of stunning white sand beaches for everyone to enjoy. Of course, one thing that guarantees a fun and stress-free family getaway is finding the perfect place to stay. Find the Bahamas resort that is best for your family with our quiz! Keep track of your answers to figure out your quiz result.


1. Do you want to be right on the beach?

     a) Yes, please!

     b) A beach and a view would be nice.

     c) As long as we’re near a beach, that’s fine.

     d) What kind of question is that? Of course!


2. What’s your budget for food and meals?

     a) This is a vacation, so we’re willing to splurge a bit.

     b) We’d love to be able to take our kids to some fun local restaurants.

     c) Our kids aren’t foodies, so we’re not looking to spend too much on dining.

     d) We want our meals to be included so we know our vacation budget upfront.


3. Time for some water fun! How often will you and your family be hitting the pool?

     a) The more pool time the better! We’ve got little kids who love spending time playing in the water.

     b) We’ll probably be splitting our time between the pool, the beach, and exploring the area.

     c) We plan on being outside our hotel room as much as possible, whether it’s at the pool or at the beach, or doing a fun activity.

     d) We’ll definitely be hitting the pool at least once a day.


4. What about other onsite activities?

     a) The more the better! We want to make sure everyone is busy and having an incredible time the whole vacation.

     b) We’re willing to travel a bit for a family experience that is truly special.

     c) A couple of onsite amenities would be preferred, but as long as we’re close to some family-friendly places we’ll be fine.

     d) Once we arrive at our resort, we don’t really want to have to leave.


5. Sometimes parents need a vacation from their vacation! Do you want supervised kids programming at your resort?

     a) Yes, please!

     b) We’re looking forward to spending some quality time together as a family, so that’s not so important to us.

     c) It could be nice but it’s not that important.

     d) That sounds amazing!


6. How important is location to you?

     a) We want to have all the family fun we could want just outside our doorstep.

     b) We want to stay in the heart of downtown.

     c) For us, convenience is key.

     d) As long as it’s on a beach, we don’t care!

If you answered mostly As:

Atlantis, Paradise Island

You’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime family getaway and with 11 swimming pools, the world famous Aquaventure waterscape, shark lagoons, and more, Atlantis offers just that. Oh, and did we mention they’ve got one of Nassau Paradise Island’s most extensive kids clubs? From Sea Squirts and Jr. Trainer for a Day activities for toddlers, to kids pools and Club Rush for teens, to the Crush teen dance and gaming club and Snuba for teenagers, there are activities for all ages—there’s even a kids concierge!

If you answered mostly Bs:


British Colonial Hilton, Nassau

You’re the kind of family that loves discovering new things and having adventures together, so where you stay isn’t necessarily as important as what you do. With the British Colonial Hilton, you get excellent amenities and service, a beachfront, and a great pool, but most importantly you’re right in downtown Nassau so you and the kids can get out and explore.

If you answered mostly Cs:

Comfort Suites Paradise Island

You want to make sure that your family has the best time on your vacation, but you’ve also been saving up for a while so want to make sure you can make the most of your budget. Comfort Suites is perfect for you! A complimentary hot, American-style breakfast is served daily, and as guests, you and your family get access to the excitement of Atlantis included in your stay.

If you answered mostly Ds:

Meliá Nassau Beach — All Inclusive

You’re looking for an all-inclusive Bahamas family vacation where you and your family can simply relax and spend quality time together, and Meliá Nassau Beach Resort will let you do just that! Daily onsite activities like kayaking and snorkeling at the beach and daily supervised programs at the Kids’ Club means everyone will have an enjoyable time, and having it all included will provide peace of mind at check out.

To download our Family Vacation Guide, Click Here

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