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A couple relax on a large lounge chair by the pool on a sunny day.A couple relax on a large lounge chair by the pool on a sunny day.

Quiz: Which Luxurious Bahamas Experience Should You Splurge On?

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Quiz: Which Luxurious Bahamas Experience Should You Splurge On?


Which luxury Bahamas experience is best for you? Find out with our quiz and then get ready to splurge.


1. You have $1 Million to spend however you like. What do you do?

            a) Open a restaurant. (Michelin-starred, obviously).

            b) Buy your dream home.

            c) Tackle my bucket list.

            d) Take a vacation. A long vacation.


2. Which Netflix series is on your list?

            a) Chef’s Table

            b) The Crown

            c) Master of None

            d) Dynasty


3. Time to pack! What are you bringing with you on your Bahamas vacation?

            a)     My trusty leather duffel.

            b)    I’ve got my sleek roller suitcase and matching carry on all ready to go.

            c)     I’ve managed to fit everything into a weekend bag.

            d)    Two words: designer luggage.


4. #TreatYourself! What snack are you most likely to reach for?

            a)     Does an entire cheese board count as a snack?

            b)    Whatever looks the most delicious at my local café.

            c)     A bag of chips.

            d)    Anything chocolate.


5. Pick a beverage.

            a)     Red Wine

            b)    Signature Cocktail

            c)     Craft Beer

            d)    Champagne


6. You’ve just arrived in Nassau Paradise Island. What do you do first?

            a)     Grab a snack—it’s been a long flight!

            b)    Start Instagramming.

            c)     Hit the beach!

            d)    Head straight for the pool. There’s a lounger with your name on it!


7. Which Nassau Paradise Island creature do you identify with?

            a) Nurse Shark

            b) Flamingo

            c) Dolphin

            d) Sting Ray


8. How long is your ideal Bahamas beach vacation?

            a) One week

            b) A long weekend

            c) 10 days

            d) Two weeks


9. What European city are you dying to visit?

            a) Barcelona

            b) Paris

            c) London

            d) Santorini


10. It’s definitely better in The Bahamas, but what do you think is best?

            a) The people

            b) The beaches

            c) The water

            d) The beautiful views

If you answered mostly A's:

Indulge In: An Impressive Dinner

You love the finer things in life and great appreciation for food and wine. Treat yourself and your palate to an impeccable meal at one of Nassau Paradise Island’s fine dining restaurants. With options like a five-star private dinner in an award-winning wine cellar, refined fusion cuisine from one of the world’s most famous chefs, elevated French classics served by the sea, and inventive modern Japanese dishes, you’re spoiled for choice!

If you answered mostly B's:

Splurge On: A Luxury Hotel

You’re the most stylish among your friends and want the best of everything so it’s no surprise that sumptuous surroundings are your thing. Attractive décor, the finest linens, sparkling details, and stunning views, luxury hotels like The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, The Cove at Atlantis, SLS Baha Mar and the soon-to-open Rosewood Baha Mar check all the right boxes!

If you answered mostly C's:

Treat Yourself To: An Exclusive Experience

For you, luxury means special treatment and one-of-a-kind experiences. Luckily for you, Nassau Paradise Island has unique experiences in spades! Book a private boat charter and spend the afternoon island hopping. Get five-star service from an Executive Chef. Practice your downward dog with dolphins. Play with swimming pigs. Swim with sharks. These incredible experiences are only available in Nassau Paradise Island and they’re a sure way to make sure your vacation stands out.

If you answered mostly D's:

Pamper Yourself With: A Decadent Spa Day

For you, pure luxury is about doing nothing at all so why not sit back and let the specialists at any of the impeccable world-class spas in Nassau Paradise Island take care of your every need all day long? Restorative wraps inspired by Bahamian nature, rejuvenating facials using only the best ingredients, relaxing massage treatments employing ancient techniques. After a decadent spa day, you’ll be feeling like royalty.

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