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Two women dancing on a sandy beach together while a man plays steel drums. A group of people sit at picnic tables behind them.

Ring In The New Year With Our Bahamian Playlist

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Ring In The New Year With Our Bahamian Playlist

The countdown to New Year’s Eve is on! In Nassau Paradise Island, we’re celebrating the end of 2016 with one of the best concerts of the year, John Legend at Atlantis Paradise Island, and ringing in the new year with The Bahamas’ most colorful and lively events, Junkanoo.

Whether you’re joining us this holiday, or celebrating from afar, the perfect playlist is an essential to a great New Year’s Eve! This year, end the year with a bang and kick the new year off on a high note with sounds straight from the islands.

Bahamian New Years from Nassau Paradise Island on 8tracks Radio.

Did these Caribbean tunes inspire you to make a new resolution to visit Nassau Paradise Island in 2017? Check out our travel deals and plan your vacation to paradise.