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A couple running on the beach in Nassau Paradise IslandA couple running on the beach in Nassau Paradise Island

Travel Tip of the Month: Staying Healthy on Vacation

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Travel Tip of the Month: Staying Healthy on Vacation

A new decade has arrived, and we want it to be your best ever. That’s why we’re giving you our very best travel tips to inspire your travels and make it easier than ever to have the vacation of your dreams in The Bahamas. First up: staying healthy on vacation. If you’ve made 2020 the year to achieve your health goals, we’re here to help! Here are some of our top ways to stay healthy while you’re on vacation.  


A coconut is held up on a beach with turquoise water in the background.
Photo credit: @jenhar6

The sunny warm weather of The Bahamas is sure to have you reaching for a cold beverage! We know that our tropical cocktails are to die for, but if you’re working towards healthy living goals, stick to water as much as you can. Hydration is crucial for your health in many ways and there can be a lot of hidden calories in cocktails, sodas, and other fruity drinks. Take advantage of your tropical location and try some coconut water! It’s extra hydrating thanks to its electrolytes and its large dose of potassium and other nutrients makes it healthy, too.

Work in a Workout

A couple take a selfie while kayaking the crystal clear waters of The Bahamas.
Photo credit: @saramargaridaa

Whether you’re taking advantage of the state-of-the-art gym at your Nassau Paradise Island hotel, doing an at-home-style workout in the privacy of your spacious hotel room, jogging along our pristine beaches, or taking part in a fitness class, there are plenty of ways to stick to your workout routine when you’re on vacation! You could even combine your workout with your sightseeing plans by renting a bicycle or kayak to explore.


The Queen's Staircase, a stone outdoor staircase in Nassau, Bahamas.
Photo credit: @ccamerashy

Taxis and public transit are a convenient way to get from place to place but one of the best ways to get to know a destination is by exploring it on foot. Not only will you get a first-hand impression of the area, you’ll be getting some lite aerobic exercise in. Luckily for you, downtown Nassau is perfect for exploring on foot! Not to mention, the 65 hand-carved steps at the Queen’s Staircase will definitely help you towards your 10,000 daily steps.

Don’t trust your sense of direction? Consider signing up for a walking tour! You’ll get to spend the day walking and you’ll get some insider information and local tips along the way.

Find Someone to Hold You Accountable

A man eating a tropical meal on a sunny patio in Nassau Paradise Island.
Photo credit: @a.corda_._

Some people use vacations as an excuse to eat whatever they like and then feel discouraged when they’ve plateaued on their health journey. Whether you’re traveling with a partner or a friend, tell them that you’re committed to sticking to your healthy eating habits while you’re away so they can support you when you’re ordering.

Luckily, there are plenty of fresh, healthy options in Nassau Paradise Island! From fresh conch salad to fresh local fruits, you can still enjoy Bahamian cuisine while making healthy choices.

Tune Out

A woman relaxes in a hammock in The Bahamas.
Photo credit: @la_flaneuse

Stress is not good for your overall health so when you're on vacation do your utmost to relax. Sign out of your office inbox, avoid trade-related reading and make an effort to truly unplug and unwind. You’ll return from your vacation much more refreshed and relaxed.

Maintain Your Routine

A couple enjoying breakfast in bed at SLS Baha Mar.
Photo credit: @siennagracegriffin

Speaking of routine, try to stick to yours when on vacation! If you’re an early riser, stick to your normal wake up time. If you typically eat six small meals per day, do your best to adhere to your eating routine. It’s okay to make the occasional exception, of course, but you’ll find it’s much easier to stick to your healthy habits if you don’t break them to begin with.


Just like at home, healthy living on vacation is all about balance. Indulge, but do it smartly. Soak up new experiences, but still try to get enough sleep. By making some small, simple choices when planning your vacation, you can maintain your healthy lifestyle while still having an incredible time.

What are your tips for staying healthy on vacation? Visit us on Facebook to share them with us.

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