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An aerial photo of the Ocean Club Golf Course in The Bahamas at sunrise.

Celebrities Love Golfing in The Bahamas

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on August 10, 2018

The beauty, the beaches, the bunkers! There’s no doubt about it, The Bahamas is truly paradise—especially for golfers. And our two favorite courses are located right here in Nassau Paradise Island—Royal Blue Golf Course at Baha Mar and Ocean Club Golf Course at the Ocean Club, a Four Seasons Resort. These gorgeous courses are easy on the eyes, while also posing challenges for golfers of all handicaps looking to put their skills to the test.

But don’t take our word for it – just look at the people who have travelled to Nassau Paradise Island to play a few rounds! From professional athletes and actors to musicians and world leaders, seeing a celebrity tee off here is par for the course. Here are a few of the biggest celebrity golfer guests to join us here in Nassau Paradise Island.

Couple on the green at Ocean Club Golf Course

Athletes Who Can’t Wait for the Off-Season

Everybody knows that athletes can’t wait to hit the golf course once their season is over, but some of them take the game more seriously than others. Just look at former Atlanta Braves pitcher and Baseball Hall of Famer John Smoltz, who has golfed at the Ocean Club multiple times over the years. In 2018, he qualified to play in the US Senior Open! Of course, he’s not the only athlete who loves to get out and play in Nassau Paradise Island. Soccer legend Mia Hamm, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and professional golfer Brittany Lincicome have all made trips to golf here. Even Michael Jordan—arguably the greatest athlete of all time—hosted his celebrity golf tournament at the Ocean Club for more than a decade!

Musicians Adding an Extra Tour Date in Paradise

The Bahamas and Nassau Paradise Island are well known for Calypso rhythms, but that doesn’t stop the stars of the rock, country, and pop music worlds from making their way here to take a swing on our courses. The original shock rocker, Alice Cooper, is well known for being a friendly person, but it was No More Mister Nice Guy when he stopped by to play a round in 2012. The same can be said about country singer Toby Keith, as well as Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres, who hits a golf ball as hard as he hits the snare drum.  

A man and a woman playing golf at Baha Mar Royal Blue Golf course.

From the Screen to the Green

World-famous actors love making their way to Nassau Paradise Island to take on their most challenging role to date—professional golfer! Famous tough guys Samuel L. Jackson, James Caan, and Mark Wahlberg have all showed off their chops in Paradise, as well as Morgan Freeman, Kyle MacLachlan, and Jack Wagner. Jessica Alba and Angie Everhart have played 18 holes here, and Janet Jones-Gretzky—alongside her husband, Wayne—has also impressed out on the fairways. In 2012, Michael Douglas hosted his Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Ocean Club to raise money for the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

Even on Sunny Days, the Stars Are Out

These are only a few of the many celebrities who have played golf in Nassau Paradise Island. From President Bill Clinton to Dennis Haysbert (who played President David Palmer on 24), the Royal Blue Golf Course at Baha Mar and Ocean Club Golf Course at the Ocean Club have a special ability to draw some of the most recognized faces in the world. Now, it’s your turn to play! Start planning your trip to Nassau Paradise Island today, and make sure you include a round or two at our fantastic golf courses!

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