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A couple on a guided tour at Fort Montague in Nassau Paradise Island

Ghost Stories from The Bahamas

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on October 30, 2019

By day, Nassau Paradise Island is a sun-drenched, picture-perfect vacation destination. But at night, do things get a little eerie in Paradise? According to local lore, some of the most popular and historic sites in and around Nassau are haunted! And with The Bahamas’ colorful history as a pirate hangout, it’s no surprise these chilling tales have been passed down. 

We’ve rounded up three of Nassau Paradise Island’s spookiest tales, plus some haunted sites on our other islands, too. Explore them during your next vacation in Paradise...if you dare! 

Spooky Stories from Nassau Paradise Island 

John Watling’s Distillery

It’s entirely possible that this legend was born after guests indulged in one too many delicious and refreshing rum cocktails, but some people claim to have seen a ghostly apparition at John Watling’s Distillery in Nassau. 

A wooden barrel sits outside of a large red house with patio tables and chairs outside.

Located in the historic Buena Vista Estate, which dates back to 1789, the popular distillery–which offers guided tours and free drink samples–has a few nooks and crannies that may appear to be perfect ghost hangouts. However, the only spirits you’re likely to see here are the ones in your glass. 

Nassau’s Historic Forts

During the late 1700s, Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte, and Fort Montagu were built and manned to defend Nassau from potential invaders. Some visitors have reported feeling paranormal energies in and around all three of the structures. 

If you’re seeking a touch of the macabre during your vacation in The Bahamas, make sure to tour Fort Charlotte–the creepy dungeon will give you chills, even on the warmest day! 

Blackbeard’s Ghost

The most infamous scoundrel to darken the shores of The Bahamas was Blackbeard, whose exploits have inspired books, movies, and–you guessed it–ghost stories! To this day, some people claim to see Blackbeard’s ghost in and around The Bahamas. It’s rumored that Blackbeard still haunts the area which was once the site of Old Fort Nassau. Originally constructed in the early 1700s to defend the western entrance to Nassau Harbour, the fort was demolished in 1873.

A family touring a fort in Nassau Paradise Island, The Bahamas

At sea, unexplained lights are sometimes referred to as “Teach’s lights” (Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach). According to lore, the headless ghost of Blackbeard roams land and sea looking for his head. For someone born more than 300 years ago, he’s certainly remained active! 

Haunted Sites in The Bahamas

Haunted Lighthouses

It’s rumored that the Great Isaac Lighthouse, located on the northern tip of the Bimini Islands, is haunted by several ghosts. In the late 1800s, a ship wrecked off the coast of the island and only one child survived. Today, the legend is that the child’s mother, the “Grey Lady”, roams the shore during the full moon crying for her lost child. 

At the northern end of the Berry Islands, the Stirrup Cay Lighthouse stands guard. While this lighthouse has been automated for many years, some locals believe there’s also a ghost at the controls due to strange, inexplicable sounds and happenings. 

The Haunted House

A popular attraction in Dunmore Town on Harbour Island is The Haunted House. Local legends claim that a young couple moved into this beautiful home not long after they were married in 1945, but trouble in paradise followed! 

After a major argument, the bride left the home, followed by the groom. Neither of them ever returned to the house, and today, two white figures can be seen moving around the house. In fact, a new couple purchased the home in the 1960s, but never moved in–the bride refused to live there because she felt it was haunted. 

Experience Nassau Paradise Island’s history (no ghosts allowed!) 

Whether you’re the superstitious type or you “ain’t afraid of no ghosts”, there are plenty of fun ways to explore the history of Nassau Paradise Island when you visit The Bahamas. Check out these engaging history and culture tours to take a step back in time and discover The Bahamas of years gone by.  


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