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How To Preserve Your Vacation Memories

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on February 17, 2016

Does this sound familiar? You go on vacation and spend a week or two having a blast while taking tons of photos and lots of videos to document your trip. You arrive home, upload some of the best shots to Facebook, and then forget about the rest until you need to delete them to make space on your phone. You dump your photos in a folder on your computer labeled “vacation” and never look at them again.

Next time you take a trip, don’t let those special memories be forgotten! There are plenty of creative, fun ways to preserve your vacation photos and videos so you never forget what a great time you had traveling. Here are some of our favorite examples of making the most of your vacation memories.

Make a calendar. Enjoy your vacation pics all year long by having a photo calendar printed. Simply choose a photo to represent each month’s page, then head to your local photo shop to have the calendar printed. For an easy online option with plenty of predesigned templates to choose from, check out Shutterfly. Or, if you’ve taken a lot of photos, you can make a page-a-day desk calendar with Social Print Studio.

Print photo books. Looking for the perfect way to display your Instagram photos? Check out Artifact Uprising, a company that specializes in creating softcover books based on Instagram’s square photo dimensions. Bonus: You don’t need to upload photos – just connect Artifact Uprising directly to your Instagram feed and choose the pictures you want to print. You can also use Artifact Uprising to order prints, stationery, wall art, and more.

Create a YouTube channel. Share your vacation videos with friends and family by creating a YouTube channel and uploading all your video clips there. You can set up a private or unlisted channel so only people with the link are able to view your videos. For some inspiration, why not check out Nassau Paradise Island’s YouTube?

Have a favorite photo printed on glass…Make a beautiful piece of art for your home or office with Fracture. Fracture prints images directly onto glass, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that’s art and a frame all in one.

…or on a canvas. Just Google “canvas photo prints” and you’ll see tons of companies that print photos on stretched canvases for ready-to-hang, unique art. One site to try is Easy Canvas Prints. Many photo shops also do this work, and it’s quite affordable.

Design a phone case. Every time you send a text or open your computer, you’ll be transported back to Paradise. Check out Casetify, which allows you to create durable cases for your phone, tablet, or laptop with your favorite snapshots.

Have a custom painting done. On Etsy, you can find plenty of artists who will create a custom painting based on the photograph of your choice. Just search Etsy for “custom photo painting” and browse for an artist whose style you like. Prices vary depending on the artist and the size of the finished artwork.

Before you leave for your next vacation, be sure to review our tips for taking the perfect vacation photo to ensure your travel-inspired artwork looks great. Get ready for your closeup!

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