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Rose Island beach with palm trees

Nassau Paradise Island’s Guide to Island Excursions

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on July 27, 2018

Rose Island

A beautiful 25-minute boat ride from Nassau, Rose Island is the island escape that dreams are made of. Sandy shores, relaxing hammocks, brilliant snorkeling, and nothing but the famous turquoise waters of The Bahamas in every direction.

Even though Rose Island is uninhabited, you certainly won’t feel stranded when you pull up to its pristine shores! Sandy Toes Rose Island offers drinks and refreshments, buffet lunches, and nothing but laid-back island vibes.

Get there from Nassau Paradise Island:

Flying Cloud Catamaran Cruises


Reel Dreams Bahamas


Bahama Boat Excursions




Exuma is commonly called The Exumas because it’s actually comprised of over 365 islands. From small inlets and cays to a travel destination in its own right, Great Exuma, there’s no shortage of adventure to discover when you visit the Exumas – the perfect day trip from Nassau Paradise Island. Here are some of our favorite Exuma cays.

Big Major Cay

Big Major Cay is arguably one of the most famous islands in The Exumas. Why? Its inhabitants! The swimming pigs that live there are so popular the island has become known as Pig Island. Hop aboard a boat excursion from Nassau for a one-of-a-kind adventure to get up close and personal with the swimming pigs of paradise!

Ship Channel Cay

Ship Channel Cay is your destination for island exhilaration. Feed sharks and sting rays, snorkel vibrant reefs, meet some iguanas, and much more! Plus, there’s a spot to fuel up on a tropical lunch and grab some refreshing drinks, too!

Saddleback Cay

This uninhabited island in the Northern Exumas offers seven stunning secluded beaches—perfect for sunning and snorkeling. Travel there with Island World Adventure and you’ll also be treated to a delicious meal of authentic Bahamian cuisine. Five-star service on a private island…What could be better?

Get there from Nassau Paradise Island:

Exuma Escapes


Powerboat Adventures


Island World Adventure



Treasure Island

The plot of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel of the same name sounds not unfamiliar to the history of pirates in The Bahamas, and while Treasure Island in The Bahamas may not be the pirate haven of the storied novel, it is a haven nonetheless.

Experience the warm, secluded cays of Treasure Island (also called Blue Lagoon Island) for yourself—and a lot more! The island is home to Dolphin Encounters, so not only will you get to bask in the sun on a beautiful, tropical island, you’ll have the thrill of getting up close and personal with dolphins, sea lions, and stingrays.


Pearl Island

A mere 15 minutes from Nassau, Pearl Island makes for a delightful tropical Island getaway. Recognizable by its lighthouse overlooking the warm turquoise waters, Pearl Island offers a private beach, reefs for snorkeling, and a beautiful venue to grab a bite of lunch, or even host a private event. It’s private, tropical island bliss just a boat ride away.

Get there from Nassau Paradise Island:

Pearl Island Adventures



Sandy Cay

Though small and secluded, Sandy Cay may just be one of the most famous Bahamas islands of them all! Why? The palm trees, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters of Sandy Cay were thought by producers of an iconic television series to be the perfect example of an uninhabited tropical island. Have you guessed yet? Sandy Cay is none other than Gilligan’s Island!


Can’t wait to start your own expedition of Bahamas islands? Download our Guide to the Islands Of The Bahamas and start planning!

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