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New Year’s Running Resolutions

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on December 14, 2016

As one year ends and another begins, the time has come to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. If “become a better runner” is on your list, Nassau Paradise Island’s Marathon Bahamas in January is perfect for you. Looking forward to running along the picturesque shoreline of paradise will help motivate you to hit your goals.

Whether you are an avid runner or lacing up your sneakers for the first time, here are our tips to start your new year’s running resolution off on the right foot.

Set Healthy Expectations

The best way to reach your new year’s resolution is with healthy expectations. Break your end goal into a series of smaller goals and check them off one by one. This will allow you to celebrate each accomplishment and, over time, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve achieved.

Make A Plan

For many, it’s hard to get new year’s resolutions off the ground. To achieve your running goals put a fitness plan in place, including regular runs, stretching and total-body workouts. The secret to running success is consistency, so be sure to create a running routine that will be easy to maintain, factoring in time of day and location.

Start Slow

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned runner, it’s important to start slow towards your end goal. Pushing yourself to run too hard out of the gate can cause burnout and lead to injury. You’re in it for the long haul, so make sure to pace yourself – there’s nothing wrong with starting at slower speeds and shorter distances and progressing over time.

Take Care Of Yourself

When introducing a new running resolution, recovery time can be just as important as regular running. Taking time for proper rest and relaxation will allow your body to adapt to your training. With any new fitness regime, it’s also important to focus on healthy eating, staying hydrated and getting lots of sleep.

Make It Fun

Almost everything is easier to do if you’re having fun, and running is no exception. Find a friend or family member with a similar resolution for the new year and keep each other motivated, while enjoying quality time together. Creating a running playlist is another great way to stay on track while running – especially when it includes some Bahamian beats.

Why not combine your running resolution and your love of travel at the Marathon Bahamas in Nassau Paradise Island? This oceanfront event – and Boston Marathon Qualifier – offers scenic and flat terrain, and the choice of a marathon, half-marathon or relay race. Register today! After all, getting to Nassau Paradise Island has never been easier with these short flights and travel deals.

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