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Pirate Experiences in Nassau & Paradise Island

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on April 05, 2024

The Golden Age of Piracy lasted from 1690 to 1720, and Nassau was at its very heart, attracting the greatest concentration of pirates ever seen in the New World. Because our renowned turquoise waters were too shallow for large man-of-war ships but deep enough for the fast galleons and sloops favored by pirates, "The Pirate Capital of the Caribbean” offered the perfect swashbuckling base of operations — especially with all the merchant ships anchored in the surrounding waters, just waiting to be plundered.

Today, Nassau & Paradise Island attract a very different kind of crowd, but there are still plenty of pirate experiences to be found for landlubbers and first mates alike!

Pirates of Nassau

It’s all hands on deck at Pirates of Nassau, a fun and interactive museum in downtown Nassau. This museum features a great mix of entertainment and history that is sure to shiver your timbers. Board a replica pirate ship and enter a world of cutlass-wielding, bloodthirsty pirates. You’ll learn about infamous “local” pirates like Blackbeard, Benjamin Hornigold, and Anne Bonny. Explore the many exhibits and artefacts and visit the gift shop for a treasure trove of souvenirs.  

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Coin of the Realm

If you’d like to try on some actual pirate treasure, head to Coin of the Realm, home of Nassau’s most extensive collection of coin jewellery, where gold and silver pirate coins recovered from sunken shipwrecks are turned into beautiful jewellery. It’s become something of a tradition for local Bahamians to receive a Coin of the Realm piece on their birthdays or special occasions — making it the ideal souvenir to take back from your trip to The Bahamas.

Kelsey - Pirates Museum

Rum Runner’s Passage

Continue your pirate explorations with a Rum Runner’s Passage tour. Strolling the historic downtown streets of Nassau, you’ll be immersed in thrilling tales from our pirate plundering and rum-running days. Learn how to taste “the pirate’s drink” like a professional during a three-hour guided walking tour featuring rum-infused sweet and savoury bites and a selection of rum samplings and cocktails. Yo, ho, ho, you’ve got to go!
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The Forts of Nassau

Built during the 1700s, Nassau’s three forts were used for an array of purposes, including watching for and defending against pirates. In particular, Fort Fincastle was intended to protect the city from approaching pirates, but its appearance alone must have been intimidating enough since the fort’s cannons never needed to be fired! Nowadays, you can explore the forts independently or go on a family-friendly tour. Whatever you decide, you’ll love the spectacular seaside locations and stunning views.
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A couple walking hand-in-hand along the rocks at Fort Montague, Bahamas.

Blackbeard’s Revenge

For the ultimate pirate experience, embark on a thrilling pirate ship tour aboard Blackbeard’s Revenge — a 500-ton Spanish galleon replica that boasts an all-pirate crew, two fully stocked bars, and Captain’s Lounge. Travel back in time as you sail the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean, soaking in the beauty of our islands and feeling a warm breeze on your face as you relive the adventures of swashbucklers past. Just be sure not to walk the plank!

Pirate Republic Brewing Company

Wrap up your pirate adventures and tell a few tales of your own with a pint at Pirate Republic Brewery. The only craft brewery in The Bahamas, it offers thirst-quenching beverages like Black Beer’d Stout, Island Pirate Ale IPA, and The Gold & Haze of Piracy. See how these unique beers are brewed and bottled on site on one of two daily brewery tours. Tour the brewery (housed in a renovated 125-year-old warehouse) and enjoy a flight of beer to taste in the taproom. Heave ho, and away we go!
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Is it time to weigh anchor and start planning your personal pirate getaway to Nassau & Paradise Island? Our helpful travel tips, suggested itineraries, and additional important island information will always lead you to X marks the spot! Start planning your trip today.


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