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Two pirate flags hang outside the Pirates of Nassau Museum in The Bahamas.

Quiz: What Pirate Arr You?

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on July 11, 2018

The Bahamas’ rich pirate history means there’s no shortage of exciting pirate facts and stories to uncover when you’re visiting Nassau Paradise Island. Why not get in the mood for some swashbuckling fun in the sun by finding out what famous pirate you’d be if you were rum running and privateering back in the golden age of pirates.


1. Time to start planning your next vacation! You…

            a) Get a group chat going with your travel buddies and start delegating tasks.

            b) Scour travel sites looking for the hottest new location or travel experience.

            c) Call up your go-to vacation spot…They better have your regular room available!

            d) Go straight for your list of must-see cities and decide which one to check off next.


2. You’ve arrived in Nassau Paradise Island! What’s the first thing you do?

            a) Stake your claim at the best poolside lounger.

            b) Go exploring.

            c) You’re beach bound, whether your travel buddies like it or not.

            d) Change into your bathing suit, of course!


3. What Nassau Paradise Island beverage would you be?

a)     Bahama Mama

b)    Pirate Republic Brewing Company’s Long John Pilsner

c)     Bahamas rum, neat.

d)    Goombay Smash


4. Land-ho! Which land-based activity would have you the most excited?

a)     Cigar rolling lessons at Graycliff

b)    Tour of Government House

c)     The Rum Runner’s Passage tour

d)    Wine Making with Bahama Barrels


5. Avast ye to the sea! What water adventure is calling your name?

            a) Born Free Fishing Charters

            b) Powerboat Adventures

            c) Shark Dive


6. Pick a pirate phrase:

            a) Dead men tell no tales.

            b) Avast ye mateys!

            c) Strike yer colors!

            d) Shiver me timbers!

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