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The Glamorous Graycliff: Luncheon & Wine Tastings

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on April 29, 2014

Take a break from the beach and come enjoy the taste of luxury at the glamorous Graycliff in downtown Nassau. Renowned as one of the top dining experiences in the Caribbean, Graycliff also offers both luncheons and wine tastings at their five-star restaurant and award-winning wine cellar.

Graycliff Luncheon
Begin your luncheon by sipping on champagne as you relax on a period-piece settee in the Graycliff lounge. Indulge in a little daydreaming as you gaze out the windows and bask in the ambiance created by vintage lamps, furniture, paintings and the glass cabinet filled with rare cognacs.

Once you’re ready, embark on a guided tour of the famed Graycliff wine cellar; featuring over 275,000 bottles of rare and fine wines, it’s the third largest private wine collection in the world. Follow the sommelier through the intricate maze of chardonnays, cabernets and champagnes that surround you—and then enter into the wine cellar dining area, where you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a secret world, where Italian wines line the walls and a crystal chandelier illuminates the room.

When the tour is finished you’ll be led back upstairs and seated in the elegant dining room that is decorated in pink and peach pastels, white linen table clothes and open windows with palm trees swaying in the warm Bahamian breeze. Savor each bite that is placed before you during your four-course luncheon accompanied with wine pairings, and a menu that changes daily and seasonally. Both you and your palate never had it so good!

Graycliff Wine Tasting
Each wine tasting is accompanied with a tour of the Graycliff wine cellar. Learn the history and stories behind the thousands of exceptional selections from the top wine-producing regions on Earth, as a Master Sommelier introduces you to the new and exotic, classic vintages and wines like the 1727 Rudesheimer Apostelwein from Bremen Ratskeller, priced at $200,000US. (Be sure to walk very carefully through the maze of priceless bottles that line the cellar walls here!).

Once you’ve finished salivating about the wines, it’s time to sit down, relax and let the tasting begin. During the wine tasting you’ll sample eight different wines from this extraordinary private collection—each paired with delectable cheeses from Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Argentina and Chile—and discover for yourself why Graycliff’s wine cellar has been awarded the prestigious Wine Spectator Grand Award every year since 1988.

Whether you’re looking for something different to do or love dining like a 1920’s movie star, Graycliff’s luncheons and wine tastings are a perfect escape from the ordinary of today. Luncheons are held weekdays at noon by reservation only, and wine tastings can be made by appointment. Luncheons are limited to 12 participants a day.

Aside from their wine tastings and luncheons, Graycliff offers tours of their chocolatier factory and cigar factory, as well as cooking classes and plenty of other delicious experiences.  Call or email Graycliff to make a reservation for your trip and enjoy the true luxury in Nassau Paradise Island. Come laugh, drink and be merry with your friends and family. Life—and luncheons—truly are better in The Bahamas.

Nassau Paradise Island offers you a variety of dining options. From casual and fancy grills to Italian tastes or local fare, it’s all waiting for you! Come experience delicious food in The Bahamas.

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