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Tips For Traveling With Teens

Tips For Traveling With Teens

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on March 30, 2016

If you’re planning a family vacation, don’t forget about the bigger kids! Traveling with teenagers can present some unique challenges, but with a little strategizing, it’s easy to execute a family vacation that’s enjoyed by everyone – teens included. Here are some tips for planning a trip with teens.

Let teens help plan your vacation.

The easiest way to avoid eye-rolling and dramatic sighs is to give teens some input into your family vacation. Let your teenage child plan an entire day of activities, or allow them to choose a special outing or excursion they’re excited about.

Consider adjoining or neighboring rooms, rather than shared space.

If your budget permits, consider booking a separate, adjoining hotel room for your teens. While smaller kids may tuck in early and wake up at the crack of dawn, teenagers often need extra time to wind down at night and get going in the morning. Plus, teens love to have their own space and will appreciate a little extra privacy.

Look for resorts with lots of attractions and activities.

From teen clubs to organized sports and games, search for a destination that offers plenty of options to keep older kids busy throughout the day and evening, preferably with others close to their age. For example, teen guests of Atlantis Paradise Island can experience CRUSH, a teens-only nightclub for kids ages 13-17. At Baha Mar, teens can take part in age-appropriate activities including culinary classes that get them creating their own delicious dishes. 

Avoid any roaming charge surprises on your cell phone bill.

Your older kids are going to be texting, tweeting, and Instagramming about their vacation, so make sure you’re familiar with your resort’s WiFi coverage and lay down some ground rules about smartphone usage. If you’re traveling internationally, consider purchasing a prepaid international coverage plan before your vacation that includes airtime, text messages, and data.

Allow plenty of downtime – including sleeping in.

You’re on vacation, after all. If your teens aren’t naturally early risers, try to avoid activities or daily itineraries that involve 7:00 a.m. wakeup calls to allow kids to sleep in and get plenty of rest every morning.

Activities and Attractions for Teens in Nassau Paradise Island

Nassau Paradise Island is perfect for teens. With plenty of activities and things to do for teens and tweens, plus Instagram-worthy scenery at every turn, kids of all ages will love vacationing in The Bahamas. Here are a few of our picks for teen-friendly activities in Nassau Paradise Island.

Hit up the beach or the pool.

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Our picture-perfect turquoise waters and white sands appeal to kids of all ages. Your teen can also hang out poolside at one of Nassau Paradise Island’s countless pools with headphones or a stack of magazines.

Head to CRUSH.

Located at Atlantis Paradise Island, CRUSH is a 14,000-square-foot nightclub exclusive to teens ages 13-17. It’s home to an Internet lounge, a gaming room, and a selection of iPads for Internet browsing and checking in with friends back home. Teens can also cut a rug in the Dance Club and enjoy snacks and drinks onsite. Learn more about Atlantis activities for the whole family.

Swim with dolphins.

Kids of all ages will love Dolphin Cay at Atlantis, where they can swim with a dolphin, become a trainer for a day, experience a hands-on encounter with stingrays, and more. 

Explore downtown Nassau.

Older kids will appreciate the vibrancy, culture, and vibe of colorful downtown Nassau. Browse in the city’s shops, grab lunch downtown, and simply experience “real” Bahamian culture, just steps from your resort.

Go horseback riding.

Kids aged 12 and older have the opportunity to explore Nassau Paradise Island in a very unique way: on horseback! Spend the morning at Happy Trails Stables, where you’ll embark on a one-and-a-half hour trail ride along a beautiful Bahamian beach following some basic riding instruction.

Spend a day at a waterpark.

When you’re hurtling down a 60-foot, near-vertical drop into a shark-filled lagoon, chances are you won’t be complaining about being bored. Aquaventure at Atlantis is 141 acres of thrilling slides, distinctly different swimming areas, and refreshing fun for the whole family. At Fins Up, teens can try surfing in the SurfStream simulator, while at Baha Bay, they'll love the beach-club-meets-waterpark vibe where they can choose between chilling on the beach, swimming in the pool, or flying down a slide. 

Ready to start planning your family vacation in Nassau Paradise Island?

Start by bookmarking our Nassau Paradise Island for Families page, then sit down with your teen to start planning the perfect family getaway in The Bahamas. Don’t forget to check out our current travel deals for an even more affordable escape to Paradise. We can’t wait for you to discover why family vacations are better in The Bahamas!

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