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Two children, their parents, and grandparents walk on a Bahamas beach.

Bahamas Vacations for Every Budget

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on January 17, 2018

Are you dreaming of a vacation to The Bahamas, but want to stick to a budget? Or, are you craving a no-expense-spared luxury beach escape? There is such an impressive variety of things to do and places to stay in Nassau Paradise Island that regardless of how much you’re willing to spend, you can plan an incredible vacation. Don’t believe us? Read on for inspiration and ideas for a Bahamas vacation on any budget.


For the Budget Traveler:

Planning a trip can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to take a vacation that doesn’t break the bank! We think that everyone deserves a beach break, so we’ve gathered together our top Nassau Paradise Island tips and advice for traveling on a budget.

Just because there are many options for direct flights to Nassau, doesn’t mean they’re all expensive! American Airlines, Jet Blue, and Bahamas Air often offer flight promotions, and there can be seasonal discounts too. Being flexible with your travel plans can save you some money depending on when you travel to The Bahamas, too. The weather is still beautiful during the low season, and the rates are often more reasonable. When is low season in The Bahamas? Look for vacations in the late spring and early fall.

Consider staying at one of our all-inclusive resorts. An all-inclusive allows you to know your costs up front so you can budget and save accordingly. Don’t forget to ask the concierge and front desk for onsite amenities and activities. Many resorts offer water activities like snorkel equipment or fitness classes such as yoga.

Enjoying our beautiful beaches doesn’t cost a thing! Check out our Guide to the Beaches of Nassau Paradise Island and see how many you can check off the list during your stay! Note that while some properties discourage non-guests from enjoying their beautiful beachfronts, there is no such thing as a private beach in Nassau Paradise Island.



Sample local cuisine! Not only is it delicious and full of flavor, it’s often more cost effective than the larger American-style and international restaurants. Besides, you’ll never get fresher seafood than local conch, snapper, and grouper caught just offshore. Taste authentic Bahamian dishes, and wash them down with some local libations!

Speaking of libations…as is the case with many of the imported goods in The Bahamas, alcohol can be pricier than you’d expect. Luckily for you, you’ve got locally brewed favorites like John Watling’s rum, and Kalik, Sands, and Pirate’s Republic beer that reflects a more palatable price tag.

There is certainly no shortage of delicious dining options in Nassau Paradise Island, but if you’re looking to save a little bit of money, consider accommodations with a kitchenette and prepare your own meals—whether it’s a hearty breakfast before setting out on an adventure, a picnic lunch for your beach day, or a casual dinner after a day of exploring, you’ll save on dining costs and get to make the most of your accommodations.

Arranging transportation can be one of the stresses of traveling, but on Nassau Paradise Island you’ve got plenty budget-friendly options. If you’re looking to get from Nassau to Paradise Island, consider taking the ferry that crosses Nassau Harbour every half hour on the hour from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Not only does it give you unique perspectives of the shoreline and beautiful views, it only costs $6. If you’re looking to reach a specific destination within Nassau, consider taking the local jitney instead of a taxicab. The jitney (bus) only costs $1.25 and runs fairly regularly. It’s worth asking a local for information on where to embark and disembark as the stops aren’t as clearly marked in The Bahamas as they are in North America. Alternatively, ask your hotel’s front desk if there are any bicycles available to borrow or rent and travel that way! There are also an incredible array of sites and activities within walking distance of Nassau Harbour.

Choose your activities wisely. Select one or two “must do” experiences and budget for those. Then, stick to your plan! Your activities don’t have to be expensive either. Nassau’s historic sites are free, or almost free, tours of John Watlings Distillery at the historic Buena Vista Plantation are free, and family favorite the Pirates of Nassau Museum only costs $13 to visit ($6.50 for children).

Another tip to help you stick to a budget: pack properly. Toiletries, like most imported goods in The Bahamas, can be more expensive than you’re used to, so make sure you remember to pack sunscreen, toothpaste, and any other toiletry items you’ll need during your stay.


For the Luxury Traveler:

Nassau Paradise Island has been a playground for royalty and celebrities for decades, and it’s easy to see why! Outstanding five-star experiences combined with discrete, world-class service make for a superb and stylish stay. If you’d prefer an indulgent tropical escape, don’t worry! Nassau Paradise Island offers plenty of luxe accommodations and experiences for even the most discerning of tastes.

A luxury escape starts with luxury accommodations. Surround yourself with opulence in a stunning suite with a spectacular view. Try the newly opened SLS Baha Mar or the stunningly redesigned The Cove at Atlantis for truly luxurious décor and amenities. You can even choose to arrive in style, using the private planes available at both The Cove and Baha Mar.

Nothing says luxury like an exclusive experience for just you and your travel companions. Upgrade a boating excursion with a private charter and sail the turquoise waters of The Bahamas to your own private offshore island. Lounge by your luxury hotel’s private pool. For an exclusive dining experience, inquire about private dining options, such as the intimate dining room located in Graycliff’s wine cellar.

Dress to impress with designer fashions. Believe it or not, you’ll find some incredible luxury designer brands in Nassau Paradise Island! The Crystal Court shops at Atlantis are a great place to start your upscale shopping trip and you’ll find fabulous luxury shops in Nassau as well. Not only that, American Dollars are widely accepted as it’s on par with Bahamian currency. So, why not add a little bit of shopping to your luxe to-do list?

If you’re looking for a five-star dining experience, you’re in luck! Taste food created by some of the world’s most celebrated chefs at fine dining establishments like Dune, Shuang Ba, Nobu, and Katsuya.

Sign up as a casino member to get exclusive, high roller treatment. In Nassau Paradise Island we’ve got the Caribbean’s two largest casinos, each one impressive in its design and grandeur. Ask about private poker tables, and test your luck!


No matter your budget, one thing is for sure…It’s better in The Bahamas! Start planning your dream Nassau Paradise Island vacation.


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