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Like this? Try that. Bahamian Favourites.

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on May 24, 2024

Nassau & Paradise Island are well known for their beautiful scenery, rich history, and delectable culinary delights. But for every iconic spot in Paradise, there’s a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. If you want to explore beyond your favourites here in The Bahamas, check out a few of these lesser-known alternatives to popular Bahamian attractions.

Calling All History Enthusiasts

Are you captivated by the allure of historical sites? Do you love the thought of unearthing hidden stories? Nassau & Paradise Island has some treasures just for you!

If you're fascinated by colonial history, swap the standard historic house tours for a visit to the Heritage Museum of The Bahamas at the Graycliff property. Here, you'll discover a rich collection that spans from the days of Columbus to the early 20th century, each piece telling a unique story of Bahamian resilience and heritage.

Ready to set sail but still want to chart your own course? Prepare for a high-seas adventure at the Pirates of Nassau Museum! Dive deep into the world of infamous pirates who once ruled these Caribbean waters. This interactive museum brings history to life, offering a fresh, engaging perspective on Nassau's piratical past.

Do you love a blend of history and beautiful architecture? Say hello to Parliament Square! With its eye-catching pastel-pink buildings, it's more than just a pretty sight — it’s also a hub of Bahamian history, including structures such as the Senate Building, the House of Assembly, and the Supreme Court of the Bahamas. On a tour of Parliament Square, you can take in incredible sights, grab some fantastic photos, and also learn a thing or two about the history of Paradise. 

Pirates of Nassau Museum is great for kids of all ages!
A family getting a tour through Nassau Paradise Island Parliament Square

For the Water Adventurers 

For those who find their bliss on, in, or under the water, Nassau & Paradise Island are nothing short of a splashy paradise!

If you're mesmerized by underwater mysteries, Clifton Heritage Park is a must-do. Here, you can swap the typical snorkelling spots for extraordinary underwater experiences. Imagine diving through sunken film wrecks and an enchanting underwater sculpture garden! It's not just a dip in the ocean, it's an adventure into an unseen world.

If you're drawn to the open seas, Nassau & Paradise Island offers a variety of boat tours and fishing charters, from half-day excursions on a catamaran to exploring coral reefs and spotting sea turtles and fishing charters where you can reel in the big catch like mahi-mahi and blue marlin. There's an ocean of possibilities for every sea lover!

There's no shortage of thrilling water activities, either. Snorkel in the clear blue waters rich in marine life, dive into scuba explorations of a vibrant underwater world, or relax and rejuvenate at luxurious pools and waterparks. It's all about fun and making waves! That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate Bucket List for water adventures.

A family of four snorkels in clear turquoise waters.
Man and woman and little boy holding a fish on a boat
People swimming in the ocean near a boat

Foodie Fanatics, This One’s For You

Calling all culinary connoisseurs! Nassau & Paradise Island are not just about stunning beaches but also a haven for food enthusiasts. Here's a sneak peek into the gastronomic experiences that await:

Are you someone who always goes for the seafood option? You must try Arawak Cay, affectionally nicknamed ‘The Fish Fry’ by locals! This iconic location, brimming with local colour, specializes in fresh Bahamian seafood. Here, you’ll taste fan favorites like cracked conch or scorched conch — each bursting with authentic Island flavour!

Interested in something more upscale? Nobu at Atlantis Paradise Island is a culinary destination that you should check out. This world-renowned restaurant, created by the celebrated Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, offers an extraordinary fusion of Japanese cuisine with a Bahamian twist. At Nobu, every meal is an adventure in fine dining, blending exquisite tastes with an ambiance that exudes both luxury and comfort.

If casual beach dining appeals to you, check out the Food Trucks at Baha Mar! Instead of the typical beachside shacks, head to the creatively inspired food trucks near Cable Beach. From gourmet hot dogs at Sandy Dog to Mexican favourites at El Jefe, these food trucks offer a unique and flavorful beach dining experience​.

For those who appreciate Greek cuisine but are curious about local tastes, make your way to Athena Bar and Cafe. In downtown Nassau's heart, Athena Bar and Cafe stands out as a delightful culinary crossroads. Here, the warm, sun-kissed flavours of The Bahamas meet the rich, savoury notes of Greek cuisine. Enjoy calamari or spanakopita alongside Bahamian conch fritters — a fusion that satisfies both traditional and exotic palates​​!

Family at Arawak Cay in Nassau Paradise Island, The Bahamas
Nobu at Atlantis
Star standing in front of a foot truck

Like Fun, Adventure, and Relaxation? Try Nassau & Paradise Island

Whether you're tracing the footsteps of history, riding the waves of adrenaline, or tasting the rich flavours of local cuisine, Nassau & Paradise Island will never cease to amaze you. Come and experience the magic, the thrills, and the tastes for yourself — because, in The Bahamas, every moment is an opportunity for something extraordinary!

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