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Sandy beach with blue water and boat in the ocean

10 Nature Photos That Show Off The Beauty Of The Bahamas

Posted by: Nassau Paradise Island on April 29, 2017

The Bahamas is known for its brilliant turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches, but its natural beauty extends far beyond the beach. We’ve scoured our #InstaParadise archive for ten nature photos that showcase the beautiful blooms and trees you’ll see when exploring Nassau Paradise Island. Whether you’re enjoying one of our Eco Tours, heading to a nearby cay on a boating excursion, or simply exploring the grounds of your Bahamas hotel or resort, we think you’ll find that beauty is all around when you’re in Paradise!


There are several species of palm trees throughout the tropics and Islands of The Bahamas. Keep your eyes peeled for a silver top palm—you can identify it by the silvery hairs on the underside of its leaves. And don’t forget to try a refreshing coconut drink when you’re lounging at one of our beautiful beaches in Nassau Paradise Island!

Palm trees and a rainbow in the Bahamas

A warm breeze rustling the palm trees and a beautiful rainbow spanning the sky, what could be better?

Tropical palm trees in Nassau Paradise Island

There’s nothing like the sight of a tropical sun shining through palm leaves to make you realize you’re in Paradise.


These lovely small flowers can be found all throughout Nassau Paradise Island and the islands of the Caribbean. You’ll find these paper-thin flowers blooming on dense thorny bushes and vines all throughout the year. They come in a wide variety of colors, too: pure white, bright oranges and yellows, deep pinks and purples…How many can you spot?

The Versailles Gardens in The Cloister at The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas

Rows upon rows of bougainvillea add some vibrant tropical color to the manicured grounds of the Versailles Gardens at The Ocean Club.

A beautiful Bougainvillea bloom in Nassau, Bahamas

We love how you can see the water droplets on the bougainvillea’s delicate petals in this shot taken just after a tropical shower.


The yellow elder is the national flower of The Bahamas. These trumpet-shaped yellow flowers grow in clusters and bloom throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled for these blooms as you take a walking tour of Nassau or while you stroll to a restaurant with a view for lunch.

A yellow elder bush in Parliament Square, downtown Nassau.

The vibrant color of the yellow elder pop against the pastel colors of buildings in downtown Nassau.

A close-up photo of a yellow elder bloom in Nassau Paradise Island

The yellow elder is not only recognizable by the color that gives it its name, but also by the bouquet-like clusters it forms when it blooms.


This truly spectacular bloom is a sign of summer in The Bahamas. These deep orange flowers bloom annually during the summer months, when they fill their trees with stunning color before falling to the ground creating a lush carpet of petals.

Poinciana tree blooming in Nassau Paradise

Oh, those summer blooms! The sight of bright poinciana flowers and a stunning blue Bahamas sky are a sure sign you’re in Paradise.

Poinciana blooms in Nassau Bahamas.

Up close you can see the way the fern-like leaves of the poinciana, also called royal poinciana, spread out to catch the Bahamian sunshine. Want to see these Bahamas blooms in person? Check out our travel deals and start planning your summer getaway.


Possibly one of the most popular tropical flowers, hibiscus can come in many colors, sizes and petal shapes. Not only are you likely to see them throughout Nassau Paradise Island, you may even see them on your plate at one of our restaurants in The Bahamas—the hibiscus flower is completely edible.

A photo of a pink hibiscus flower in Nassau Bahamas.

Easily identified by the prominent stigma at the center of each bloom, these beautiful flowers come in a variety of tropical hues.

A large photo of a Hibiscus in Nassau Paradise Island

Hibiscus bloom all year round in The Bahamas so you’ll see them no matter when you plan your vacation to Nassau Paradise Island!

What’s your favorite natural sight in Nassau Paradise Island? Are there any beautiful blooms you think we’ve missed? Start planning your next vacation to Paradise, and share your stunning nature photos using the hashtag #InstaParadise.

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